Tuesday, November 13

Thanksgiving in the Making: Table Arrangements

If you plan to entertain for Thanksgiving, chances are you may be arranging a Fall centerpiece for your table, sideboard or buffet. The problem is, the more you search for Autumn table top ideas, the more they start to look alike. I mean really how many acorns and faux leaves can a person put on a tray? There are many ways to establish the “tone” of a Thanksgiving table, whether it's casual, formal, whimsical, or  rustic. One of the easiest ways to do that is by creating an arrangement. You may opt to have a professional arrangement created for your holiday table, or instead, you may be in search of inspiration to create your own! Take a look at some examples of different styles of centerpieces that can be used as a starting point from which to “build” the rest of your table. 

This formal arrangement is made with pomegranates, tulips, and roses.
The rich colors and textures of this arrangement are fabulous!
Immature persimmons and granny smith apples create the unexpected pops of bright green color in this centerpiece.
Classic and beautiful...
Cornucopias are the most traditional of Thanksgiving centerpieces.
A white pumpkin makes a perfect container for this arrangement of fall-colored florals.
Love the drama of these golden turkeys against the dark-colored candles.
This wheat centerpiece works perfectly with the taupe tablecloth and round table.
This table features a mixture of arrangements, colors, and containers to create a beautiful look.
This floral arrangement is blended with candles to create a warm and inviting table.
Another example of an elegant white pumpkin base.
Understated berries and leaves arranged in goblets... perfect with this style of table setting.
The tapered candles compliment the colors in this floral arrangement.
This is such a fabulous "rustic" centerpiece. Be sure to check the Better Homes & Gardens website if you would like to re-create this arrangement. They include step-by-step instructions!
This mossy basket is perfectly matched with the natural feel of these dark-colored gourds.
I love the added interest of the peeled limes in this arrangement!
Kumquats and nuts mixed with clove-embellished clementines make an elegant statement.
This acorn basket could be created right from your very own backyard! I also love the pears and other natural elements the basket is stuffed with!
This arrangement, comprised of fall leaves and elegant florals in muted colors, is just stunning.
Fall leaves, chrysanthemums, button mums and candles make a lovely statement.
Pumpkins and herbs mixed together make this interesting centerpiece. 
All of the elements - the bird, the silver, the florals, the candles of different heights - all contribute to the breathtaking outcome of this grouping.
Create a hand-tied bouquet using flowers like cockscomb and alstroemeria
Sometimes the vase is as big of a star as the blossoms it holds. Simple yet elegant.
Create a lovely table setting by carving out the center of a pumpkin and surrounding it with an array of Fall flowers.
Orange dahlias, parrot tulips, maple branches, burgundy astilbe, and purple smokebush combine to create a container of Fall bliss!
The rich tones of Autumn leaves, and fresh harvest vegetables are the main attractions at this dinner table.
This Fall lantern centerpiece cleverly incorporates roses, mums and delphiniums. 
Add a miniature pumpkin onto each plate as a fun little surprise for your guests. You could even use small pumpkins as place cards.
This beautiful floral arrangement in a milk glass urn is soft and subtle.

Autumn centerpieces are a breath of fresh air, much like the Fall breeze outside! If you didn't find what you were looking for or are in need of more inspiration you are welcome to browse my Pinterest board: Fall Tables Unhinged. Find your own personal style and make a Thanksgiving arrangement your own. 

One that reflects YOU......you'll be glad ya did!

the domestic curator ~ ronda
I love the pear place cards. 

*Picture thanks go out to Martha, Southern Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Home and HGTV.com!


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