Tuesday, November 6

SMITTEN WITH FALL: A Little Romantic Inspiration

Before the leaves fall and the sky goes gray take advantage of the mild yet cozy weather and the changing scenery to do something romantic with your sweetie. If you and your honey-dew find yourselves in the category of 'dinner and a movie', have no fear the Domestic Curator is here! I have come up with a few creative and innovative ideas to help you make the most of this romantic season. 

Many farms and fresh produce stands offer hayrides in the cooler months. Grab a blanket and thermos full of hot apple cider or wassail and snuggle up with your honey as you take in nature.

Ball Games
Baseball and football games are a wonderful way to get to know the true individual with which you are spending time. Jumping up, yelling and screaming for the local team will reveal your sweeties passion for the game. The quickest way to a man's heart is NOT through his stomach but by buying him a football ticket! This is one of the best date ideas for your guy! They would really appreciate a ticket to the big game. He WILL tell everyone what you did for him. Believe me. 

Drive in the Country
If you are lucky enough to live in an area that has a change of seasons, take a drive out to the country. If it's equally beautiful in the city, take a leisurely bike ride. Either way, taking in the splendor of the changing countryside will fire up the romance factor and inspire you to get cozy. 

Harvest Festivals, Carnivals and County Fairs
Cotton candy and rides and games, oh my! What could possibly be more romantic than a county fair or festival? Put your favorite gal or guy on your arm as you take in the sights and soak up the relaxing atmosphere of the local fair. Go the distance by sharing cotton candy and winning the largest stuffed animal. Top your evening off with a memorable kiss atop the lighted Ferris wheel. This is also the perfect surroundings for getting to know someone better.

Visit An Apple Orchard
Take a drive to the nearest apple orchard and spend the afternoon in the great outdoors. Grab a basket and fill it with juicy apples, then suggest baking a pie. Baking together on a date is a nice way to spend quality time with the one you love.

Flea Markets
 Many antique, toy, and book dealers like to get rid of their inventory before the winter months. Head to a flea market  and search for unique treasures. Finding out what you are both passionate about is a great way to find out if you are compatible as well.

Nature Hike
Sometimes the best dates are the simplest. Put your hiking boots on and take a hike through a leaf-filled trail. Choose an easy trail with few hills and gentle terrain.  Remember to pack a backpack with the essentials; water, bug spray and  first aid. Work up your appetite for a nice picnic lunch for when you are finished.

Farmer's Market
There is much more at your local farmer's markets than just veggies these days. Pick up some fruit, flowers, or even books. Better yet, take a camera and snap some picturesque photos of the season and your sweetie.

Picnic in the Park
 Who says that picnics are just for summer? Instead of sandwiches, pack some soup and tea. Cuddle up on a blanket, talk, and take in the beautiful autumn atmosphere. Now that's romantic!!

 Fall may soon become your favorite time of year. Get out there and make lasting memories with a few of these romantic ideas....
....you'll be glad ya did!

the domestic curator ~ ronda

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  1. Cute article, Ronda. You are such a romantic. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I so appreciate it. You are always an encourager.