Monday, November 26


Are you a hunter gatherer? Someone who loves to forage?  No, not the society of people that lived thousands of years ago, but circa 2012 at a flea market near you! Do you gather together in one space the things you have a passion for?

This little wooden rooster on wheels was my very first find. He sits in my kitchen window. 

Now-a-days we've got everything stowed away in convenient places, where we know how to get them. You want food, you go to the grocery store. Clothes? The mall. New car? You know.... We now live in a society that has no need for the hunter gatherer way of life; except in the world of collecting. God obviously put this driving need in us to be hunter gatherers; only now we hunt for the next best deal on a lovely rooster or globe instead of our next meal. Either way we ARE fulfilling this instinctual drive in us.

 This larger than life rooster sits atop our fridge. ALL of my roosters live in the kitchen.

Perhaps our collecting does set us apart from the world in a different way. Most people don't get to feed this primitive desire, and those who do are usually seen as weird. Many would think equally of a hunter going out to hunt deer in the morning as they would of a collector waiting outside someone's home, in the cold, at 6 am to get the jump on a great estate sale. In fact the only people who can really appreciate their trophies, be it collectibles or heads, are the people who practice it themselves! 

Mr.P bought me this lovely wooden rooster while we traveled in Jamaica. I LOVE HIM! Mr.P & the rooster!

So, again, I ask you; are you a hunter gatherer? I most definitely am a hunter to my very core. I LOVE THE HUNT, and moreover, I LOVE THE GATHERING! And if I can find it cheap, well that is the ultimate reward!

This very old rooster pillow rests on the deacon's bench in the kitchen.

While Mr.P helped me clean-up the kitchen after Thanksgiving Dinner, he counted 27 roosters. I'm not sure if he caught every single one, but he's close. They are all special to me and I will continue to 'hunt & gather' roosters for my kitchen. When I am dead and gone, my children will have a huge estate sale, open up the doors to our home and someone new hunting rooster will have a smile on their face.....and so the gathering goes on!

Hunt &'ll be glad ya did!



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