Monday, October 1

Welcome to FALL, Autumn's Bliss

When the weather turns cooler  getting that delicious 'nip' in the air and the sun sets just a  bit earlier every day it's official....IT'S FALL Y'ALL, and it's my favorite time of the year.
Fall is an amazing time of the year.  Crisp days and chilly nights, leaves begin to turn, and the earth is busy preparing itself for winter. There is something magical about the clear brisk days of Fall. The smell of woodsmoke lingers in the air as it makes it's way to me, the first frost, the sound of geese overhead, football games and sweethearts, candy corn, hayrides with good friends, bonfires, little country roads, falling leaves, rainy mornings, hot soup, warm blankets, a new school year, hugs to keep me warm, bountiful blessings, the pumpkin patch, good books, ghost stories, caramel apples, harvest, 'trick or treating', long walks with my sweetie, cozy jammies, marshmallows in my hot chocolate, grateful hearts and most importantly FAMILY. The wonders of Fall are many and varied and I anticipate them all year long, I LOVE IT ALL....I LOVE FALL!!
With the transition of the seasons, it helps to transition your home decor as well. Decorating your front door and porch for Autumn welcomes the new season and can make your home more presentable to the neighbors, guests and family. Bringing the colors, textures and magic of Fall to your home sets a festive mood for any gatherings you'll be having at your home in the coming months.
As friends and family approach your home it is your porch that first  welcomes them to come in, so make it's really not that hard and takes very little time. Try some of these ideas or go on the hunt for your own special and unique look that says, 'YOU'!  

If your porch is large enough to accommodate a few bales of hay while leaving a wide enough path to your door, decorate the porch just beyond the entryway. Place the bales of hay on both sides of the walkway leading up to the porch. Bales of hay are a classic display of autumn, and they are a good platform for additional decorative fall items. They can be bought at your local garden center or farmers in rural areas.
After setting up bales of  hay for display, decorate on and around the bales of straw with candle lanterns that are old and tarnished. Candles within lanterns provide a warm ambiance on a cool fall evening, and they create a welcoming glow. Candles can be lit if the straw doesn’t come in direct contact with them, and only when they will be continuously supervised.
Gourds and pumpkins are iconic of Fall, and if you’re looking for great ways to decorate your front porch, check your local grocery store or farm stand for pumpkins and gourds of all types. You’ll find white pumpkins, miniature pumpkins, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, turban squash {my personal favorite}and a  variety of beautiful gourds. This easy way to decorate will make your front porch warm, welcoming, and absolutely beautiful.

Add Fall mums, cornstalks, Indian corn, leaves raked from your yard, old rusty lanterns and natural grapevine wreaths. Light your lanterns to complete this beautiful fall display. Whether you decorate your porch lavishly or with a few simple pumpkins, the result will be the same. So step back, take a deep breath of that delicious crisp air and WELCOME FALL TO YOUR HOME!

 "Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive Autumns."
~George Elliot
Embrace Fall and Family.......'ll be glad ya did!


the domestic curator ~ ronda

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