Monday, October 22

Unique And Creative Halloween Costumes

If you're stumped about what to wear on Halloween this year, the answer may be as easy as a trip to your local thrift store. Vintage clothing make fantastic costumes! You can be completely original and unique in what you wear and what you transform yourself into. Spending less money than at the party store and you will most likely be MORE comfortable as well because what you will be wearing is real clothing. 

Here are some thrift store pieces that are easy to build a costume around:

Prom and Wedding Dresses:
Dead/Zombie Prom Queen {think Carrie w/Sissy Spacek}
Bride of Frankenstein
Miss America

Overalls or Coveralls:
Serial Killer {think Michael Meyers from the Halloween movies}
Farmer Joe
Super Mario Brothers
Bob the Builder
Rosie the Riveter

Sports Team

You can also look for clothing that embodies the style of a particular decade, iconic looks and people.

The 1920's

Flapper: look for a drop waist dress
Gangster: Full suit with a fedora

The 1930's

Swing Kid or Jazz Man: look for Zoot suit, long pocket watch, hat and cane
Bonnie and Clyde: depression era dresses, beret

The 1940's

Carmen Miranda: bathing suit, tropical print sarong, lots of ruffles and fruit

The 1950's

Elvis, James Dean, John Travolta as Danny in Grease: dark jeans with rolled cuffs, tee shirt with rolled sleeves, boots and motorcycle jacket
Stockard Channing as Rizzo in Grease: tight stovepipe pants, tight boat neck shirt, scarf, high heals and leather jacket
Sandra Dee as Gidget or Olivia Newton-John as Sandy in Grease: circle skirt, petticoat, cardigan, saddle shoes

The 1960's

Mod or Go-Go Girl: shift dress, opaque tights, patent leather white boots, heavy make-up
Hippie: bell bottom jeans, loose flowing flower shirt, leather fringed vest

The 1970's

DISCO!: Platform shoes, polyester dresses and suits spandex pants, gold lame shirts and neck scarves

The 1980's

Rocker: leather pants and headbands, acid wash jeans, band t-shirts, leather cuffs and studded belts
Preppy People: Izod or Polo shirt, Lacoste sweater, penny loafers, khaki pants, pastel colors
Valley Girls 

Halloween is a great time of year for kids and adults alike. There is no age barrier to dressing up and having fun with good friends. Have a wonderful and safe Halloween......'ll be glad ya did!


the domestic curator ~ ronda

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