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Fall-ing In Love: Tips For Autumn Wedded Bliss

Although Autumn is not a traditional time for weddings, it is a season that will guarantee a wealth of natural gorgeous decor without the heat of Summer or the cold of Winter, making for some pretty exquisite settings for either a formal or more casual wedding. Caterers, event halls and wedding planners are busy with the Fall wedding season. If you're planning a Fall wedding this season or next, read on for some helpful tips...if not just sit back and enjoy the eye-candy!

Keep warm. Since outdoor Fall weddings have the potential to get chilly, keeping you, the bridal party and your guests warm is a must. Even if guests are comfortable at your afternoon wedding ceremony, you need to prepare for the temperature to drop in the evening. Arrange nice baskets of inexpensive cozy wraps and homey blankets at the reception entrance. Offer hot cocoa and apple cider and set up heating stations in outdoor areas where guests will want to relax. You could even embrace the season with a few fire pits where guests can shake off the chill, creating an intimate atmosphere.

Location, location, location. Choose your venue carefully. Make sure the locale is surrounded by woods that change colors during the season giving you that beautiful Fall scenery you are looking for. Your pictures will look gorgeous with leaves gracefully falling in a myriad of robust Autumn colors around you and your closest friends and family. If you don’t want to have the ceremony or reception outside but still want a view of the Autumn beauty, choose locations with views of foliage from their windows. Brilliant Autumnal hues and the stunning landscape will make for a picture-perfect location for your memorable Fall nuptials.
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Utilize the color palette that is available and incorporate Fall colors into the wedding party's wardrobe. Chocolate brown compliments a variety of Fall color schemes, and it's flattering for most women. If brown doesn't suit your plans, burgundy, russet, gold and deep purple are great Fall shades that makes the bridal white pop. Your Fall wedding colors will be absolutely perfect!

Though many popular wedding blooms are not in season during this time of the year, it is the perfect opportunity to get creative with a fall wedding bouquet. Select in-season flowers and decorations. Unless you have your heart set on lily of the valley or orchids, there are beautiful in-season flowers to choose from. Dahlias, chrysanthemums, asters, roses, zinnias and sunflowers all create elegant bouquets and floral displays with a lovely hint of Fall. Add some crab apples, or something totally unexpected like wheat or cotton bolls for a playful, non-floral element. People will be talking!

Use your imagination and gather up fruits, flowers, faux berries, leaves and pumpkins to make amazing Fall themed centerpieces. Pumpkins can be used in a number of ways, so class them up. Whether they are incorporated into your centerpieces, used as place card holders, eye-catching vases or even carved with stars, adding candles to them and lining the aisle. This gentle flickering glow is very charming and intimate. Here are just a few items you normally wouldn't think of using at a wedding during other seasons but somehow seem to make that Fall statement really well:
Apples, Pears, Persimmons, Oranges and Pomegranates
Grains, Nuts, Melons, and Gourds
Dried Garland or Flowers
Spanish Moss
Ribbons in a variety of colors: yellow, gold, orange, brown, purple, green and eggplant
Natural Raffia
Woven Baskets
Branches, Pine Cones and Vines
Terra Cotta Pottery

Autumn Wedding Inspiration Board (Weddingblogger on Polyvore)
If you want your wedding reception meal to have that quintessential "Autumn" feel, make sure to use the bounty of the harvest. The hors d'oeuvres can be as simple or elaborate as you like. An informal selection could include spiced nuts or pumpkin seeds and a wedge of farmstead cheddar, sharp and favorite is Cabot's Seriously Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Serve these with a hot Apple Cider or Wassail. More formal hors d'oeuvres might include Blue cheese stuffed dates and gougeres {cheese puffs}, complemented by a wild mushroom and walnut pate. Crostini are always a good choice as the toppings can be personalized to your own favorite tastes. Your meal should  most likely begin with a warm comforting soup followed by the all familiar Fall fowl..... chicken, turkey, duck, quail or guinea fowl. Served with a warm mushroom-potato dish and seasonal salad. You just can't go wrong with a Fall menu, choose a selection of you and your fiances favorites, designing a delicious and personal menu for your Autumn wedding.    

Finally, remember to do your research when selecting an Autumn wedding date. There are many holidays during the Fall, including Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and the Jewish high holidays. By doing your research ahead of time you can help your guests avoid scheduling difficulties. Think about sending out a 'save the date' notice far in advance to keep conflicts to a minimum. Don't let potential pitfalls scare you, Fall weddings are worth every bit of effort.
Once you get started you will see that your possibilities are endless and you'll be hooked - I promise! Hopefully you have been inspired by these young couples Autumn Nuptials.

Celebrate your wedding day with Autumn's rich color palette.........'ll be glad ya did!



Many thanks to Polyvore and M.Stewart for these wonderfully inspiring photos!


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