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How about throwing a pumpkin carving party on the Sunday afternoon before Halloween? It can be great fun for people of all ages. Whether you throw a party for your adult friends, your teenagers and their friends, a group of younger children or for a few families in the neighborhood, pumpkin carving has a magical way of getting everyone involved. You can help your friends unleash their creative side while carving the perfect pumpkin as well as set the season's radar to FUN!
When sending out invitations, indicate this party is BYOP—bring your own pumpkin, of course! Get creative and inventive when considering the invitations. If you'll be handing the invitations to guests personally, consider  invitations attached to jack-be-little pumpkins. Something you could never mail; it will put a smile on their face and anticipation in their hearts.
Our own E about to hurl pumpkin innards all over her love! What FUN they had!

Pumpkin Picassos can whittle original designs, but think about providing templates for the less artistic. Shopping the discounts in November, I have assembled quite a collection of carving tools, patterns, and templates over the years. Not to worry, you can pick these items up cheaply at any craft store or super center.
If the sun is shining, carve outside and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather and colors.  Besides, your guests can be as messy as they like. However if it’s a blustery day {makes me think of Winnie the Pooh!}, move tables into a heated garage or work space indoors large enough to accommodate your guests. You might consider laying down newspapers or plastic to protect your floors and to ensure a quick clean-up for you. Set the mood with Autumn or Halloween decorations. 
 Your buffet can be as simply or elaborate as you like, choose your style. 
A Halloween buffet keeps party goers in the spirit. You can request that everyone bring their favorite Fall snack or you can provide your own. Just make sure the food is not close to where pumpkin innards could be flying! Your guest-carvers will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and might like to take frequent breaks to snack, toss a football or just roam around to admire everyone’s handiwork.
Just before sunset, have everyone finish carving their pumpkins in time for an official lighting ceremony in the yard. That’s when  the pumpkins really shine! Each shell gets a candle, bringing the masterpieces to life. Whether it's a simple triangle-eyes and crescent-moon smile or more advanced  creative carvings, candlelight makes everything magically beautiful.
After your guests are finished oohing and aahing, everyone can pack up their pumpkins for the ride or walk home. Package each guest's carved masterpiece in a paper bag for them and throw in a few extra votive candles and a festive Fall matchbook. Give them a hug and a wave as you send them off into the October night; knowing your friend's will cherish the memories they made at this year's PUMPKIN-PALOOZA!
Our niece Kristin, on the far right, and a few friends after their carving is done.

Make it an annual tradition to host a pumpkin carving party.  You will kindle all kinds of excitement and thrills as     everyone remembers and anticipates your yearly party. Tradition has a way of catching on you know. As the years go by, you can pass the torch....or more accurately, the jack-o’ the next generation; guaranteeing  porches and walkways will continue to extend an eerie greeting  for many years of trick-or-treaters to come
Our Jared and his Amy with their creations.
Don't forget the Halloween music. The Monster Mash, anyone? You can find wonderful free Halloween music HERE!



the domestic curator ~ ronda

Lucy scoops the innards out of the pumpkin Linus brings home. As a result Linus groans,
~ It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
by Charles M. Schulz that's a tradition!

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