Tuesday, October 16

Experience Gifting: Go Big Or Go Home!

In my efforts to have my Christmas shopping completed and wrapped by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, I have been searching high and low for the perfect gifts. Today I came across experience gifts. Ever heard of them?  Even though I have given experience gifts in the past, I had not heard this term before today.

So experience gifts, what are they? Experience gifts, as opposed to material gifts, allow the recipient to have AN experience, such as skydiving, kayaking, race car driving, cruising....etc. If you can EXPERIENCE IT, you can gift it!

Mr.P and I have given tickets to musicals, gift cards for fine dinning, hours of zip lining, Christmas Eve with the 'Rockettes', nights at our favorite B&B's, Caribbean cruises.....we have been gifting experiences for years and just didn't know it was a huge industry. 

Individuals who don't want to buy Dad the same old tie and Mom the ever trusty cookbook are turning to experience gifting. These gifts come in a wide range. Relatively inexpensive experiences come as a nice dinner out or a massage to the more expensive experiences such as a cruise to Europe, a James Bond Experience or flights in a jet fighter planes. Here are a few great websites to get you started into the world of experience gifting. HAVE FUN LOOKING AROUND! 

These sites are reliable and will ensure that your loved one has the time of their life. So the next time you are stymied at what to buy the individual in your life that has everything, give them a gift of experience. Think of the memories your loved one will have!

Race Car Driving, Fighter Pilot For a Day, Hot Air Balloon Rides, White Water Rafting, Living like a King, Hunting for Buried Treasure, Sky Diving, even James Bond adventures ....if you can dream it up, there are companies out there willing and waiting to make it come true for you!


The Domestic Curator  

'A mind that is stretched by experience can NEVER go back to it's old dimensions.'
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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