Saturday, July 7

Shake It Up Saturdays! Floral Design

I love this breezy arrangement placed in an old mason jar.
It looks as if someone simply gathered up
heirloom roses and crab apples while out on their daily walk.

Sometimes, putting your flower arrangements in the same old vase or urn can get a bit boring. Do you have a certain container you ALWAYS use for roses? I DO! I'll be the first to admit that having a go-to container for your rose bouquets is handy, to be sure. What if you could make that same arrangement look spectacular by just switching up your methods and materials every now and then, would you give it a whirl? Not sure where or how to shake up your floral arrangements? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Lemons go the distance in perking up this arrangement of roses,
chrysanthemums and button daisies.

Add Unexpected Elements
Tropical flowers and garden blooms often take center stage in most floral arrangements, but adding a few other elements from nature can make your display more visually exciting. Head outside and look for materials like dogwood branches, clippings from your boxwood hedge and other twigs from your yard. Or the next time you are grocery shopping throw a few lemons, apples, artichokes, ornamental cabbages or anything interesting from the produce section into your basket. You will be pleased at how well these items can jazz up an ordinary arrangement.

You couldn't possibly find anything more TEXAN than this!
Go buy an old beat up pair of boots at the local thrift store and get busy.

Use Crazier Containers
Despite what you may think, vases and pots aren't the only containers that are good for holding flower arrangements. Almost anything can be turned into a unique container as long as water can be put inside. For example, vintage muffin tins filled with baby's tears and moss would create a charming kitchen arrangement. Tureens, vintage hand-cranked ice cream makers , seashells, pitchers, jugs, egg cups, toothbrush holders, old boots and even bird cages all have the possibility of becoming a container for your arrangement. If you should choose an item that will not hold water, a plastic liner can be bought at your local nursery...under $5.00, money well spent. That being said your options are limitless. Feel free to unleash your creativity and see what interesting objects you can find. Quirky objects make outstanding flower arrangements. Trust me on this.

I love the simplicity of 'daisies in blue'. Your dinner table will look
 cool, clean and crisp with these individual arrangements placed by each plate.

Play with Proportion
Your arrangements don't have to be symmetrical with the same size flowers to be eye-catching. In fact, many times, floral displays look better when the proportions are exaggerated. When planning for a special occasion try using a diminutive arrangement or tussie mussie  at each place setting instead of one large centerpiece. The effect will be much more intimate and each guest will feel you have created something special just for them.

This totally pink Easter arrangement is
sure to delight even your youngest guests.

Although the daffodils, tulips and coffee pot are three different
 colors this arrangement pulls together and is pleasing to the eye.

Mix Up Your Color Scheme
The color of your containers often play a big role in your flower arrangements, and luckily there are plenty of ways to create dynamic displays. Matching blooms to the color of your vase creates a very clean tasteful arrangement. However using contrasting colors, for instance a blue vase with orange flowers, makes a visually strong statement. Shake up clear glass containers, by covering the stems of flowers with lemons or other fruit. Set the mood for fun with this whimsical look.

Try something different. Try something unexpected.
Try shakin' it up a bit.

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend and unleash your creative side.......
you'll be glad you did.


the domestic curator ~ Ronda

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