Monday, July 30

An Enchanting Strawberry Cake!!

Seriously, isn't this the most delightful cake you have ever seen? It is pleasingly simple and quintessential of a natural rural life. I ask you, who could say NO to a slice of this cake??
Decorate a Strawberry Wedding Cake
This anjelic cake was inspired by the sweet strawberry cakes that Swedes bake during their holidays each year. It's just the BEST! What a wonderful cake for Summer Dining. It's perfect for an outdoor party or rustic wedding. You can make the cake yourself {link to strawberry cake recipe}, or simply embellish a store bought cake using this picture as a guide.....just cut strawberries in half and stick them to the frosting. How's that for EASY? It's such a unique idea that is sure to be a crowd pleaser!
Try'll be glad you did and so will everyone else!


the domestic curator ~ ronda

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