Sunday, July 29

FLORALS: A Trendy Centerpiece

This centerpiece is stunning - mainly because of the vibrant blooms!
I just LOVE it!
The flower recipe:
10 red, white and pink anemones
5 mini daffodils
8 orange, red, and white ranunculus
Ranunculus greens and buds
English daisies in pink and white
You will also need a container of your choosing, vase, rocks, and clippers or sturdy scissors.
 First, fill the vase with rocks half way up the vase. Fill with water. Start filling the vase with stems. The rocks will keep the flowers in place and help you create the shape of your flower arrangement. Keep adding to your arrangement.......
Try to create an "s" shape with greens and lighter flowers cascading to the right and diagonally across at the bottom of the vase. Keep adding florals and greens to your base.....keep adding....
Place larger blossoms at the bottom of the arrangement
and your lighter smaller buds and greens towards the top. Keep adding flowers and greenery....keep adding....AND
VOILA! You now have a beautiful arrangement for your bedroom, dinning room table or the coffee table. BEAUTIFUL and OH SO EASY! Remember to make it yourself and save that money for your children's college education....believe me, it ain't cheap!

 To make this arrangement more budget friendly, you can substitute more greenery for flowers. There are times when I have used only greenery in a vase....packed in. An arrangement of greens is very serene and refreshing somehow. I like them very much. I try to keep them fresh and on my bed-side table. This floral recipe is made up of spring flowers. For a summer or fall version substitute with: dahlias {the single petaled varieties would look great}, Iceland poppies, garden roses, peonies, California poppies and daisies.

Give this floral arrangement a'll be GLAD you did!
Get busy creating and...


the domestic curator ~ ronda

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