Sunday, August 3

Weekly Reflections — August 2, 2014

How was your week? Was it exciting, busy, slow?  As usual our week was busy, yet extremely low-key, which, of course, I love. Here's a short review:

1. I worked on a new blog header this past week 

Mr.P and Elizabeth vetoed my efforts. E said it would look great if my blog were about babies! Oh well, I'll try again!

2. I am a documentary watching girl. On Monday I caught the PBS show 'The Queen'. When I discovered it was all about HRH Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee year — I was hooked. We spent a bit of time in England during the Jubilee. 
The whole country was picturesque as it was covered in Union Jack bunting, bushes cut into the shapes of corgis and red, white and blue flowers spilled out of their pots. The biggest question I had after watching this program was, 'What does HRH Queen Elizabeth II carry in her purse?" You never see her without it, they even filmed her putting it on her arm as she sat down to give a radio speech. Seriously, does she need her purse to read a speech? On the radio. It did seem bizarre. This is how my mind works. 

3. I gave my dish garden, that sits in my kitchen window, a much needed overhaul. I think it's about time to repot, but I didn't have that much time — maybe next week!

4. My good friend Elaine had unexpected surgery on Wednesday. I posted on my blog's Facebook page and asked for you all to  keep her in your prayers. That was a first. I know most of us that blog try and keep religion and politics out of our posts. Creating a comforting world away from controversy. But ask for prayers I did. Prayers for her doctors, family, and a positive prognosis as well as comfort and peace. After a lengthy, but successful, surgery, the doctors removed a brain tumor the size of a peach. It turned out to be benign and today, Saturday, she is up walking and ready to get home! God is still in the healing business my friends!

5. Something to keep you cool! Fruit and Herb Ice Cubes from Camp Makery. I turned a few boring afternoon drinks into something extra-special. So easy!

6. I received a bill from my dermatologist for 1 penny! That's right, 1 cent. I wonder how much the paper and postage cost them to send me such a bill? It's a crazy world we live in!

7. Whose been sitting, or rather sleeping, in my chair?? Ms.B of course. She keeps me company as I write. I caught this picture of her dozing with my phone.

8. On Thursday, I took a hearing test, at the ear, nose and throat doctor's office. As I'm sitting in a sound proof booth, the technician asked me to repeat the words she said  even if I had to guess. "OK, say 'loud'." I heard her but didn't repeat the word. I thought she was still giving me instructions  telling me to repeat the words loudly. I am not a true blonde - honest - just a bit ditzy. BTW: my hearing is excellent!

9. A did a bit of thrifting on Friday. Nothing over $45.00! It was a treasure trove inside Ross at Peak. I love digging through their junk to find jewels. Don't expect to find furniture here without scratches — they stack everything from floor to ceiling! Here's a list of my favorite furniture thrift stores in Dallas! ENJOY!

10. Today would have been Little Gran's, my grandmother, 96th birthday! Our family celebrates the life Little Gran lived and the blessing that she was to us. Memories and love are forever...

11. I started a new book this week, The Auschwitz Escape, by Joel C. Rosenberg. My mother brought it to me last week when they came to town. It is SO good! I may have mentioned that I will read or watch anything that has to do with WWII. 

12. My favorite quote: from the week:

Hope you all have a wonderful week to come! Keep in touch!

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  1. Busy week for sure. Glad to hear your friend is doing ok after her surgery. Those ice cube treats look fun too :)

    Julie @

  2. Oh those look like GREAT finds!!!! I'm redecorating some so always on the lookout!

    1. I LOVE THRIFTING! Digging through rooms piled high with junk and full of shadows is a passion of mine! Thanks for stopping by!