Sunday, August 24

Weekly Reflections — August 23, 2014

It's been a few weeks since I shared what's been going on in the Porter household. I have been crazy busy getting child number two back to college. Now that the dust has settled, Mr.P and I are back to our regular schedule. So for a quick update, here we go.

1. I spent time organizing as I was helping E get her things together for school. Look what I came across! Are we young  and thin  or what? Mr.P and I had been dating about 6 months here, I was 19, he was 20. Two years later we were married! Wish I could suck up some of that youth now!

2. Good food. Good friends. Good conversation. And lots of laughter! The girls had one last summer hurrah before heading back to college. They had a great time and so did their parents. Mr.P and I had a wonderful time catching up with long time friends. Here is E with two of her closest friends, saying good-bye to summer.

3. I squeezed in time for an estate sale or two. I love anything green, the color of life!

4. A few days before moving E back to school we found out she would be living in new housing. Which is fantastic! The catch? The new housing won't be ready for move-in until the middle of September. So at the moment she is slightly displaced on campus. She is living in the Newburn-Rawlinson House for the time being. It's a beautiful old stately home that was built in 1902. What an experience! Here she is upstairs on the balcony with Mr.B on move-in day. 

5. We all lost a friend when Robin Williams died. Katie over at Paper Fashion painted this beautiful tribute. Yes, he will be missed indeed. I love Katie's fashion watercolors, she is an exceptional artist. If you haven't seen her work stop in and say hello!

6. I made Mr.P his favorite cake, Italian Cream. Semi-homemade, it was so quick and easy! Any bets on how long that cake lasted in this house??? You can find the recipe here.

7. I spent a little time on blogging artwork. Maybe someday I'll get my header looking the way I want. Mr.P tells me to 'leave it alone already'! Now if I could just figure out how to get my coordinating social media buttons into the right hand column and add Adsense to my blog  well then that would be something! I'm trying my best with a limited knowledge of the computer! 

8. Mom's on deck again! With E gone back to college, all of the chores she took care of during the summer are left to me. Oh yay. Here's my solution for taking care of a few of those household tasks that I'm not particularly fond of......squeeze them in during nightly commercial breaks! You can find my list HERE!

9. Mr.P and I are really enjoying having the house back. It's just the two of us again and even though we love our children dearly, we cherish our little empty nest. We are as giddy as two teenagers! It's rather wonderful, I highly recommend it! Even if you have to do all of the chores yourself!

10. Yesterday, we had a FANTASTIC visit with the newlyweds! Our son Jared and his lovely new bride Amy! We haven't seen them for a couple of months and they seem to be settling nicely into wedded bliss. I'm so happy for them! It's always a joy to catch up on their busy lives. 

So much more went on than I have space or time to print and there's even more to do. But along the way, in the last few weeks, there have been family dinners, end-of-summer fun, shopping sprees, packing for school, a handful of blog features and deadlines, much house cleaning, a movie or two  I finally saw Frozen!, plenty of good food, lots of laughter, a few tears and abundant love in our little household. I appreciate all of those that followed along, you have made blogging considerably more rewarding! Cyber hugs to all!

My absolute favorite message I received on my blog this week was, "Fat Girl Problem #1: where to get left over brownies?" It was a comment left on my Brownie Parfait Shooters. SO so funny!