Tuesday, August 19

Confessions of A College Student's Mom: Parting Advice For E

We have survived the Summer, Mr.P and I. All of the piles of dirty laundry, empty glasses, and late LATE nights! They all embody a few of the struggles we've faced adjusting to our young adult's feeling of independence, after having lived on her own. After her first year of college, there were a plethora of glasses left around the house, dishes in the sink and mountains of dirty laundry dropped at the door to the laundry room, along with music or the television playing well into the twilight hours. E loves to write with noise in the background. Ordinarily this would not bother me, but I'm less enthused about hearing it at 2 a.m.. This summer our home resembled a diner in the middle of NYC's Time Square! Something was always hoppin', 24/7!

Yes, we've survived and she is now back at school. But not the same school. Leaving the big university life behind, E has chosen to attend a more intimate private college. While she has already had to experience life away from home, the stress of separations (from family and friends, but let's be honest ― mainly her boyfriend, Mr.B), classes, making new friends  E is walking that same path again this year. And I'll confess, it can be scary for Mom as well. Some things are out of our hands as parents. However, you can at least give some good solid advice. If your child resists, just tell them you got these tips from a recent college grad!
  • Talk to your adviser. You’ll be amazed at how much he or she can help you during your years at school, whether it’s getting you into a popular class or helping you graduate on time. On the flip-side, make sure NOT to let them railroad you into a class you don't need or want to take. Open communication is key.
  • Participate in activities on your floor and on campus. These events are particularly geared towards freshman and planned for a reason. They create a social setting where making friends is effortless.
  • Get involved in activities or clubs that appeal to you. If you like sports, try intramural athletics. You may have a knack for writing and want to work for your school newspaper. If you like theater, don’t hesitate to audition for a play. This is something E is trying this year that she did not do last year. I really think being involved in a group activity with like minded students will help alleviate some of her 'study' stress.
  • Lock your dorm room and car. Unfortunately, there are those that might steal. It's better to keep things locked up.
  • Stay with friends, don't go off alone. Whether you’re at a party or running to the ATM or store, take someone with you. Keep an eye out for your friends and vice versa.
  • Treat school like a job. Build a good work ethic and don't procrastinate on your workload. Whatever you are tasked with - DO IT WELL. Hard work is not always fun, but you can choose to be happy doing it!
  • Take time to experience new things. Life experience can sometimes be just as important as your formal education. It will make you a more well rounded person and more able to handle different types of life challenges. Some potential employers will be looking at this part of your life.
  • And finally, call your parents. You may be having the time of your life, but it’s nice to let them know that you’re alive and enjoying your time at school.  

Chase your own dreams, walk your own journey, dictate your own worth, live to regret the things you did  not the things you let pass by. Don't sit back waiting for things to happen ― make them happen yourself and most importantly, have fun. College comes around only once in a lifetime  don't miss a thing. Know that we love you E, and are standing behind you in support. Tight hugs and much love, Mom & Dad.

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“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” 
― Khalil Gibran


  1. "Hard work is not always fun, but you can choose to be happy doing it!" Love this!