Thursday, August 7

Fun & Easy DIY Lighting Solutions For Dorm Rooms

It's about that time. College students all over America are packing up and getting ready to return to school. Whether you are a first year student or a seasoned upperclassman, you have definite ideas on how you want your dorm room or apartment to look. 

One of the biggest key elements in design of any kind is lighting. But I say more so for the college student. You will want your dorm room lighting to support not only your study tasks, but your casual entertaining hours as well. While bright directed light is best for studying, when you put the books away and invite friends over, you will want something softer and more ambient.

To add an alternative level of low lights, string up mini or Christmas lights around the upper corners of the room for instant ambiance. There are also rope lights that can be strung just about anywhere very easily. They just add that something special touch to your room. And I say, "Give a college student a string of Christmas lights and the possibilities are endless!" Below are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing, enjoy!

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This is what my college student came up with the other day. A box of Ping Pong balls, a string of Christmas lights, an x-acto knife, thirty minutes of her time and voila - she's got a quirky and fun string of lights ready to add to her dorm room decor. There is still time for you to make a bit of lighting as well. Try something that will showcase your personality. Who knows, it just might be the conversation starter needed to make new friends that are crafty as well! Good Luck to you all in the upcoming 2014-2015 school year, and remember STUDY ON!

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