Sunday, July 6

Family, Friends, Fireworks and Fine Weather on The Fourth Of July!

The 4th of July is one of my all-time favorite holidays. To me, the 4th of July is about celebrating family, friends, summer, our community and the birth of American. Sure we get glitzy fireworks at the end of the day, but the celebrations are really in the details. It’s all about the basics on the 4th — hometown parades, cook-outs, laughing and visiting with friends and family, a few games of ladder ball and old-fashioned washers, and of course a spectacular fireworks display. Below is a retrospect of how we spent our day celebrating America's birthday. Enjoy a peek into our world!

Our Flag.

In our neighborhood, if you don't have an American flag to fly, not to worry - every house receives a flag! Volunteers go house to house placing flags in front of every home. So cool!

Our neighborhood comes together every July 4th for a Patriotic parade and block party.

Everyone gathers at the end of our street to wait for our local firetruck to come and lead the way.

Everyone dresses in red, white and blue.

The kids decorate their bikes,

trikes, baby buggies, wagons and little cars. Some people even decorate their dog!

It is always fun to participate in our little 4th of July parade.

The firetruck and firemen are here and the kids are excited for the parade to begin!

And they're off! I love the dog's hat and the pinwheels tucked in this sweet girl's pony tails.


Neighbors and friends following the firetruck.

I wonder if other countries feel the same pride as we do here in America?

Our neighbors across the street become happy spectators as the parade proceeds down our street.

It's the cheerleaders in a patriotic red truck!

The parade route runs through our entire neighborhood.

Onto the block party. We all gather back at the parade starting point for hot dogs, sweet treats and something cold to drink.

Everyone brings something to share.

The firemen take all of the leftovers back to the firehouse to help them celebrate throughout the day.

Summer silliness!

Neighbors catching up, 

visiting and laughing.

We even have wonderful coveted shade to make our hot Texas 4th of July block party just perfect.

Then it's back home to get ready for our cook-out with friends later in the day. I baked a blackberry cobbler.

My contribution to our cook-out: potato salad and corn-tomato-bacon salad.

Our friend Philip cooked burgers!

They were so good - with a side of sliced watermelon!

And look what our hostess, Lois, did! A cookie pizza decorated like a flag.

Who needs blackberry cobbler? This cookie creation was addictive!

E and Bradley relaxing after dinner, before we head out for the fireworks show.

Mr.P, E and I waiting for the fireworks show in downtown Dallas.

enjoyed the parade with neighbors, a cook-out with family and friends, a few games of Ladder Ball in the backyard, relaxing in the hammock and here she is holding hands with Bradley as they watch fireworks. This very traditional girl is extremely HAPPY!


E, Bradley and Lois watching the fireworks together.

What a wonderful way to end a perfect 4th of July!

This is Mr.P and E in 1999! She had just turned 4. They were headed out to ride in our neighborhood's 4th of July Parade. Both of our children have participated in our small parade all of their lives. Before they could ride bikes, we decorated our little red wagon and pulled them in the parade. What a wonderful way for kids to grow up! Inspiring them to have a sense of pride for our country and community.  It has always been a delightful celebration! 

I hope everyone, everywhere had an enjoyable 4th of July!

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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time. Neighborhood parties are always so much fun and a great way to build community too. So glad you stopped by and looking forward to getting to know you better.
    ps...would love it if you stopped by and shared one of your fabulous posts at the Wonderful Wednesday Blog hop this evening (Tues. 7pm EST) Another opportunity for me to spread a little love your way :)

    1. Shari, I will! Thanks for the invite! See ya there!

  2. What a great 4th! And what a fun neighborhood! That cobbler looks delicious :)

    1. Julie, it was good but not as delicious as that flag cookie pizza!

  3. I love your neighborhood tradition and once again you've wowed me with your beautiful photos. Sounds like a busy, fun-filled day.

    1. You are SO sweet, thank you. It is a wonderful tradition. We have enjoyed watching all of the neighborhood children grow up. Some of them actually came to the parade with their babies! Now new young families are moving in - a whole new generation of little ones.

  4. I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood that had block parties!! So fun!

    1. Bailey - we love it here. Everyone looks out for each other, we even have a facebook group to stay in touch with our neighbors. I have watched so many children grow up, marry and now have children of their own. It's a true community in the middle of a bustling city!

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