Wednesday, July 9

Cavallo Point - Another Reason To Love San Francisco

My little family loves San Francisco, especially our youngest E. It doesn't matter how many times we drive over the bridges, I still catch myself lost in the majesty of San Francisco nestled against the water, islands, sailboats, and sunshine of the bay. Every day in the city is a unique experience, which is why our love grows for this city each time we visit.

As a family we've found so many things to love about the Golden City by the Bay. We enjoy its beautiful street art, the hipsters and hippies, the varied free attractions, watching old Chinese men playing mahjong in the park, the funky merry-go-round on the pier, lovely historic Victorians, the hills!, enjoying views of the bay while hanging onto a cable car, amazing places to eat, and basking in the sun as it sets over the Golden Gate Bridge. I could go on, the list is endless. 

I now have a new favorite to add to my list of reasons why to visit San Francisco - Cavallo Point. Ever heard of it? Cavallo Point is a former army base transformed into luxury lodging in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge. It sits on the north side of the bay on peaceful grounds, with great views, and an interesting history. 

I've known about Cavallo Point for a long time. My grandfather, JD Hudson, was shipped out from Cavallo Point during WWII. He served our country in the Pacific during the last months of the war. When he returned home, Cavallo Point is the base where he was sent, before eventually heading on to Texas. He is 96 years old and remembers it well. He will tell you, most of the men on his ship cried as they caught sight of the Golden Gate Bridge. It makes me tear up just thinking about how much these war-weary men missed America, their homes and loved ones. 

Cavallo Point is ranked America's 5th luxury resort. It's restaurant is exceptional, the views are unrivaled and the rooms are comfy-cozy-chic with fireplaces, bay windows, sumptuous bed linens, huge sunken tubs and patios for enjoying the view. You are only minutes from San Francisco and Sausalito. And in case you don't know, Sausalito is an enchanting little town with boutique shops, art studios and galleries, sweet outdoor markets, and a wide selection of restaurants, outdoor cafes and bistros, many with stunning views back across the bay to San Francisco.

Cavallo Point offers historic, as well as, contemporary lodging for leisure, an award-winning spa for relaxation, a cooking school for FUN!, welcoming bars for unwinding, a Michelin Star restaurant for excellent nourishment, a chapel for marrying, a large reception hall for celebrating, conference rooms for meeting and outdoor spaces for exploring! ENJOY!

Seriously, who wouldn't want to snuggle with their honey with this view in sight???

Cavallo Point
601 Murray Circle, Fort Baker, Sausalito
From about $320 per night

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All photos provided by: Cavallo Point, The Lodge At The Golden Gate
All information accurate at time of posting.


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