Monday, March 31

Thinking Outside Of The Corsage Box

It’s that time of year again — PROM is upon us! Fancy dresses, tailored suits, perfect hair, jewelry, makeup, high-heels, shiny cars, teenage girls, their dates and beautiful flowers. When these are the essentials, you know it’s bound to be a magical night! Mothers, daughters and young gentlemen everywhere are planning big things for this year’s festivities. Prom season flowers are creative designs girls will instantly fall in love with! Go the extra step to dazzle her with the details.

Whether you are a teenage girl or guy — OR their mothers  the key to choosing and creating the perfect corsage for a teen is by complementing their own particular style and the dress they’ve picked out. For the most part, the guy buys the corsage, and this can be problematic if he doesn't know what his date's dress looks like — and lets be honest, most guys need a bit of help in this department. Don’t be discouraged moms, sons and daughters, with technology and teenagers today getting a picture of the dress in just a few minutes is easy. Having a picture of the dress will result in the best possible match. Your idea of blue-green maybe totally different than that of someone else. The next thing to consider after color is the style. Is the girl going for a classic, vintage look; perhaps it’s more of a playful, colorful look? She may be into a more edgier style. 

Flowers in complementary colors instead of perfect matches can make the dress POP and really complete the over-all look! Don’t settle for just a rose-and-ribbon corsage when you can have so much more! Who’s to say flowers belong only on the wrists? I’ve seen prom flowers for the hair, prom flowers on the shoes, prom flower rings, over-the-shoulder flowers… the list goes on and on. This is another feature that depends on the style of the dress. If it’s short, make flowers for the shoes and ankles; is it off one shoulder? — adorn it with flowers! Whatever the look, have fun with it!! 

Over the shoulder corsage, sits atop a beautiful spray of sparkling rhinestones. 
 Huge rhinestones set in a bracelet, topped with pale pink roses, feathers and silk ribbon - elegant.
Green and clear shimmering rhinestone set in a silver bracelet, topped with white roses and stephanotis. 
Simply WOW!
Swarovski rhinestones and vintage flowers make a beautiful vintage wrist corsage that will last a lifetime!
Trendy and hip curled hot pink and silver wire with rhinestones, feathers and silk ribbon.
Sophisticated wire wrapped around the wrist with delicate sweetheart roses and stephanotis.
 Sweetheart roses, pink orchids and sheer ribbon floating down over the hand.
Rainbow roses with blue accents, twisted wire, feathers and rhinestones.
Electric hot rainbow corsage with button mums, sweetheart roses and daisies.
This sparkly corsage bracelet is all about total glamour. It luxuriously travels 
from the wrist to elbow, allowing multiple fresh or silk flower corsages, fitting sleekly like a glove.
Funky leg prom corsage alternative, just made for dancing!
Creamy pearl hydrangea, rhinestone and sheer ribbon prom corsage.
Edgy couture chic Victorian cuff for the bold teenager.
Upper arm wired floral wrap.
Twisted wire, feathers and florals in lime green, blue and black.
A rhinestone “belt” bracelet with white Mini Callas, sweetheart roses, 
sheer silver ribbon, strands of rhinestones, rhinestone sprays and black feathers!
Beautiful bracelets for prom corsages. Bling in almost every color!
 Green-turquoise acrylic flower gems on a gorgeous rhinestone bracelet.
Roses and button mums on a beautiful pink and silver bracelet.
Over the shoulder purple fantasy corsage.
Twisted wild wire and floral upper arm corsage.
Banded upper arm yellow, white and purple corsage.
Rhinestone brooch and pearl corsage.
Gerbera daisies are the perfect floral accents for dresses that gather at the waist.
Roses and Calla lilies make a beautiful dropped waist corsage.

I no longer have children going off to prom. I'm a little sad about that. Here are E and a few of her closest friends — and of course Bradley! —  from last years 2013 Senior Prom. E is the blonde, 3rd from the left.

Have fun and enjoy every moment — it goes FAST  parents and students alike!

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  1. Corsages certainly have come a LONG way!!

    1. Yes they have, girls love that bling and more is better!

  2. I love the first one - on the shoulder. Great ideas!

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