Friday, March 14

My St. Patrick's Day 'Lucky' Jacket

When someone calls me cheap or tightfisted, I seriously take that as a compliment. I look for the deals, I buy on sale, I use coupons and I love cruising the thrift stores in the Dallas area. If we were millionaires, I'd still be looking for the deals. 

Not too long ago I came across this wonderful green jacket at my Goodwill. It was half price day and it cost me all of $2.50. I snatched it up quick! On my way home, I stopped in at the local craft store and bought a few little kitschy buttons to spruce it up - and I love it! I wear it with a white shirt, jeans and my green Converse. Elizabeth is styling the jacket for me today, so that I could get a few photos. It's clearly too big for her, but cute and you get the general idea. 

It's going to make a great St. Patty's Day jacket, and won't everyone be green with envy???? You never know what you're going to find under that four leaf clover or at the end of the rainbow, but keep looking! Happy Hunting!

Side note: E is wearing her James Avery Emerald ring - her birthstone.

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  1. I freakin love the green jacket and especially the button decorations! I want to do this immediately.

  2. The buttons are such a cute touch and that color is gorgeous!

    1. With the buttons, that jacket cost me LESS than $5. Really cute for St. Patty's Day and just running around in general. I love it!

  3. Perfect for St. Paddy's day! Love the buttons.

  4. What a great deal! Loving the jacket!

  5. Your blog post about your St. Patrick's Day "Lucky" Jacket was a delightful read. The Princess Diana varsity jackett sounds like a unique and stylish choice to celebrate the occasion in style. May the luck of the Irish be with you!