Monday, March 10

Double-Duty Home Office Space

Being that our home is on the smallish side, the spaces within need to do double-duty. For as long as I can remember our dining room has doubled as our home office. I mean really how often do you need a formal dining room? There's a desk, bookshelves and comfy chairs. The light is great and it is decorated in several inviting shades of green and cream. With a big bay window looking out onto a green space, it's most beautiful when it's raining. I love that room. When I get tired of sitting in one spot, I can move to the next, propping my feet up as the sun shines in warming my toes. Now that the kids are gone from home, I want to be able to use their rooms, not only as guestrooms {I'm hoping one day they will be filled with the laughter of grandchildren} but home office space - just for me. A space in which to write and be creative. I would love a full blown, wall-to-wall craft room, but the pros and cons of that are not practical for our home and I already have a space in which to keep all of my crafting. So to begin my journey, I started gathering home office 'idea' rooms from It didn't take me long to see the similarities in these areas that caught my eye. For one, I obviously like the light and airiness of the rooms. A bit of color and layers are also a key factor, must be my creative side. A few of them are clearly multi-purpose and as odd as it seems, if you check out the view in some of the photos there is clearly a city skyline - which I love - but don't possess! And they all have bookcases or shelving of some sort for storage. I can clearly see myself utilizing any of these spaces, helping to unleashing the creative beast within, raising my productivity. If you're looking to design a home office that works for you, whether you have a small nook or a dedicated room; from contemporary to eclectic to traditional, these offices can meet a variety of needs. Check out, where the expert home designers hang out, and find what catches your eye! ENJOY!


  1. Beautiful rooms. I do love houzz! Great inspiration.

  2. Love the glass star chandelier in the top photo. I love those stars and have one on my patio. I need more!

  3. Too many choices to choose one, they are so pretty! I am ready to get moving on my home office space.

  4. Wow. I love almost all of these. The small office under the stairs is awesome. I'm pretty simple - I don't need a lot of room to do work - so that would be PERFECT for me! :)

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