Thursday, October 31

A Stately Victorian Fit For A Witch!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL! I hope today finds you all ready to face the evening with a basketful of treats for the children  in your neighborhood! I thought today I would share with you my all-time favorite movie house from PRACTICAL MAGIC. It must be said, I did not find this movie appealing in the least, that may be because for the length of the movie I was preoccupied with the house. And I was horrified when I found out this lovely old house was NOT in fact a real home to a loving family. The producers could not find a Victorian home to meet their needs. So in true Hollywood form one was built to suit! Wish I could do that!

The story takes place in New England, but the house was built on a San Juan Island in Washington State, where the weather would be more agreeable for shooting. In the photo below, you can see how close the house is to the water. 

 It looks like a real house that was built in the 1850s, but it’s really just an “architectural shell” that took 8 months to build and was sadly destroyed after filming was over. What insane executive made THAT decision?? 

Even the flowers in the garden were fake, but you couldn’t tell, could you?

The side porch overlooks the water.

The exterior set was built on an old Indian burial ground, so they weren’t allowed to dig there or disturb the site, creepy huh? The house was built on a giant platform. Here’s a photo of it being taken down–you can see that it was “empty” inside.

The movie is about two sisters who go to live with kooky aunts after their parents die. It was based on the novel by Alice Hoffman.

Of course all of the interiors were created and shot on a sound stage in Los Angeles.

I could do some serious baking in this kitchen! I love the Aga, the house must have been built around it! After all, everyone knows, the kitchen IS the heart of the home!

In true Victorian fashion, the interior of the house is decked out in darker colors and warm wood.

And this conservatory makes me definitely want to plant something!

 To be fake, this garden is amazing!

Now, understand I am not advocating witchcraft - FAR FAR FROM IT! Take this little post for what it's meant, cruising a pretty awesome house on Halloween and nothing more. So please, dear friends, unclench your intestines and no e-mails on the subject! I love this house, from the kitchen, to the conservatory to the lovely old porch and the gardens beyond. Can you believe they knocked this place down after filming, what were they thinking?



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