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Grown-up Girl's Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween, it's the perfect excuse to get crafty and let your creative juices flow. If you feel the same these costumes will definitely reflect not only your 'MARTHA'-side but personal style as well. ENJOY!


Take a chic modern day spin on a classic Disney princesses for Halloween. Here are a few costume ideas.

For Snow White, find a simple blue top and a plain yellow or mustard skirt. Depending on how you want it to look, it can be a long or a short skirt. Add a red headband with a bow and all red accessories - shoes, lipstick, and nail polish - to top off the look.

If you're daring, go with a purple bikini top and green maxi skirt as Ariel from The Little Mermaid! Add a pair of summer sandals and some ocean-inspired accessories.

For Cinderella's look, you'll need a periwinkle blue dress and headband. Put your hair up in a fluffy high bun, secure with bobby pins, and add a sparkling statement necklace. Instead of a glass shoe, keep it classy with a nude heel.

For a dressy version of Pocahantas, pair a tan or beige one-shouldered dress with Native American inspired jewelry and accessories. Make sure you also include a teal necklace! Let your hair fall down naturally, and brush a bit of bronzer onto your cheeks.

For Belle from Beauty and the Beast, it's all about gold and red roses. Take a epoch-inspired dress, long or short, and pair it with gold heels and a gold headband. Add your favorite red rose accessories, and make sure you try to do your hair in Belle's style.

For Mulan, you have the choice to dress up in her warrior outfit or her Chinese maiden costume, which seems to be more recognizable as Mulan. Take a pleated teal skirt and pair with a kimono-inspired cardigan. Add Chinese accessories, such as a fan or jewelry, and a coral lip color. Let your hair down and channel your inner Mulan - a spirited, strong woman.

Classic Cartoon Ladies Halloween Costumes

A Disney princess not your style for Halloween? Why not try a classic cartoon heroine on for size! Here are some easy costume ideas celebrating the beautiful gals that we grew up watching on TV.

Who doesn't love Minnie Mouse? Dressing up as this fun -loving gal is super easy. The base for this costume is a red polka dot dress. You might have one already or be able to find one at a thrift store. Pair it with a red polka dot hair bow and a cute pair of yellow heels or flats. Heels would obviously be the sassier option, but if you are planning on walking or standing on your feet for hours, I would recommend a pair of flats. Add a pair of white gloves and a Minnie Mouse necklace. Now, for your makeup, be sure you wear a bold red lipstick and some fake lashes to replicate her sweet cartoon face.

This Daphne costume might possibly be my favorite. Her effortless sense of style is something all girls admire! Try to find a purple long sleeved dress. A thrift store would probably be the perfect place to buy one. Purple shoes are also going to be more difficult to find. I suggest finding a pair of heels from a thrift store and spray painting them the perfect shade of purple. Again, if you know you are going to be on your feet a lot, go with a sweet pair of flats. Pair the costume with a purple headband and a lime green scarf. Wear some pearl earrings, pink gloss, and black liquid eyeliner to finish your look! Don't forget your pretty red wig, which you can probably find at any costume shop.

Betty Boop is by far the sexiest cartoon gal! She is classic, feminine, and sassy, much like a cartoon Marilyn Monroe. So, who wouldn't want to dress as this chic beauty for Halloween? Find a red strapless dress and a pair of red pumps, which you can find almost anywhere! Buy a garter at a costume shop and glue a red heart onto it to replicate Betty's garter. Wear some gold earrings and a few gold bangles for jewelry, which you could probably find at an affordable price from Claire's. For the makeup, wear bold red lipstick, fake lashes, and Essie red nails in Lollipop.

Judy Jetson is quite a cartoon cutie! Replicate her look by hitting up your local yard sales and thrift stores. First, search for a light pink sleeveless top. Ideally it should have a collar that you can pop to copy her futuristic collar. If you can't find anything with a collar, no worries! Simply buy a piece of pink felt, cut it into the shape of her collar, and attach it to your shirt. Next, find a hot pink skirt. Buy a pair of light pink leggings (matching the color of the top) and some cute black flats. For the hair, find a white wig at any costume shop and put it into a high pony tail using a black bow. Complete the look with a hot pink lipstick and black liquid eyeliner!

Olive Oyl is the pretty and quirky girlfriend of that spinach-eating hunk, Popeye. ModCloth is the perfect place to find the major components to her outfit. The red shirt, black skirt, and brown booties all can be found there. Wear some white socks slightly folded down on your shoes. Add some gold stud earrings and black eyeliner and you are good to go!

Try this chic spin on Wilma Flintstone for your Halloween costume! Find a white, one shoulder dress and pair it with a simple white pearl necklace. Instead of walking around barefoot, like Wilma, wear some pretty strappy sandals. Finish the whole costume with red lipstick, a red wig, and a caveman club that you can find at any costume shop!

If you create your own costume I would dearly love to see your creation. Post below and inspire us all. Have a fun and safe HALLOWEEN and watch out for those goblins!!


My girlfriend Toya made these adorable Ken & Barbie Halloween costumes last year for her husband and herself. They are so stinking cute!

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