Monday, February 6

Gifts of Love For Your Sweetie!

  This Valentine's Day if you are looking for a unique and fun way  to tell your sweetie that you love them try this fantastic website They offer an array of gifts that can be personalized for your special someone. I love this puzzle! This was made just for  Mr.P in mind. He loves putting puzzles together. They help him relieve the stress of tax season. He can also put the tin on his office desk to remember "lighter" days in the months to come. They sell everything from personalized romantic fortune cookies to monogrammed jammies...his and hers...and all things in between. Check them out, they extend free shipping and guarantee delivery by Valentine's Day if you place an order in the next few's a great deal.

Haiti Heart
   Another wonderful website is I absolutely love the Haiti Heart they offer. Using rocks from quarries found in Haiti, local artist fashion hearts. Ssshhhh, this is Mr.P's gift this year. It will make a perfect weight for all of the paper he has on his desk! Not only will you be telling your sweetie how much you love them but also helping local Haitian artists rebuild their lives and communities after the total devastation that affected their country. What was the saying in Hello Dolly? "Love is like manure. It doesn't mean anything if you don't spread it around." I'm not sure but as my Daddy would say,"that'll preach!".

Make a card that says, "You are the
missing piece to my Puzzle"!
   My son and his sweet girlfriend like to make gifts for each other. I'm not sure if that's just code for "College Students in Love", but whatever the reason it is sweet and charming. I have seen kids take two pieces of a puzzle, again with the puzzle!, that fit together. Affix a loop on the back, paint it your favorite color and shellac the piece. Find a cheap chain and you have yourself a homemade necklace. Give your honey the matching piece that fits yours. Voile! Little to no money spent and the girls will be crazy over this idea, believe me, I was a girl once myself!  

Send an E-card to your sweetie.
   Send an E-card or text that he/she will receive unexpectedly. My maternal grandmother passed away this last year. Little Gran was a wonder. Truly. Often when we would visit in their home you might find a "post-it" on Big Gran's bathroom mirror. Or the mirror in their bedroom. A love note from his sweetie. They lived through the Depression, WWII, my grandfather was stationed in the South Pacific, raising three children and burying one, paying off loans and houses. They lived life and through it all they really loved one another. Still just as strong as when they first met and fell in love. She would surprise him by leaving sweet words of love, in her own hand writing...image that if you can! Our loved ones LIKE being remembered. Don't forget to tell them daily! DAILY! And don't forget Valentine's Day either!!

    My grandparents,
  JD and Faye Hudson
Big Gran and Little Gran

P.S. If you have a hard time TELLING or SHOWING LOVE to your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or even your children....for goodness sakes GOOGLE IT! You have access to thousands of ideas, NO MORE EXCUSES! That's just my opinion...

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