Thursday, February 9

Claiming Your Creative Side On The DAY of LOVE

Valentine’s Day is hailed as one of the most romantic days of the year, and it's coming soon.  Articles and photos about Valentine’s Day are sometimes the best ways to find inspiration. To put you "in the mood" as it were for doing something slightly different this year for your loved one. Enjoy the following eye-candy and see if  you can find your inner romantic.
Besides giving a bouquet or table flowers for Valentine's Day,  Valentine wreaths can be selected as a wonderful alternative to your ordinary dozen roses. These wreaths can be very simple to over the top elaborate. 
Silk flowers or fresh, check with your local florist or grocery store to see what is readily available. These gorgeous wreaths can make the mood more exciting in accordance with the spirit of love. Your sweetie will know you spent a little extra time thinking ahead and out of the box. They will love and cherish the moment and remember it fondly for years.
I love these paper wreaths. Especially the wreaths made out of vintage Valentine's Day Cards. My grandfather loves to receive cards of any kind. He saves all of his cards. Years ago my mom, sister and I were going through old boxes. We came across Big Gran's very old Valentine's Day cards. 
If you don't have access to vintage cards head to the scrapbooking section in any craft store. They carry vintage papers from which you can choose. Scrapbooking papers cost very little money. Cut out the cards and attach them to your wreath,very, very easy.
A creative use for old fabric, ribbon scraps and yarn is to make wreaths. I love the vintage look of placing turquoise and pale pink on the same wreath. So easy and quick to make, simply buy a heart or round wreath form and begin tying as much ribbon and fabric as you possibly can.

Also OLD clean socks and t-shirts can easily be transformed into fabric roses. Go to Goodwill and find t-shirts in your color scheme. Just use hot glue to attach the roses to a wreath. Fabric wreaths are versatile twist to the average Valentine's Day gift. Get creative!
You can not go wrong, EVER, with fresh flowers. Any shape or size they make a grand statement of your "undying" love.
 There is an added bonus to using fresh flowers on a wreath. When the flowers start to wilt leave the wreath in a cool, dark and dry place. Your flowers will eventually dry completely and you can then use your wreath as decoration. 2 gifts in one!
Of course you can always skip the fresh flowers all together and go directly with a great dried wreath. 
You already know how beautiful it will look as a keepsake long after Valentine's Day is over. I must admit, this is what I would prefer myself. 
Show your love in a very creative and personal way. Your loved ones will cherish the thoughtful effort on your part.

the domestic curator ~ ronda

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