Monday, March 9


Have you heard of it? A cross between a scheduler, notebook, art journal, diary...the Hobonichi planner has unlimited possibilities for uses. Hobonichi journaling originated in Japan in 2002 and has grown in popularity during the last decade. I really don’t know much about it other than it seems to be a page a day journal that focuses on visual journaling, which is right up my alley. It screams Susan Branch to me - whom I LOVE!

Fauxbonichis are a do it yourself version of the original journal. The Hobonichi journals are relatively expensive and until you know if you are going to enjoy this type of journaling why spend a lot of money. Find a good grid-lined, inexpensive journal and get busy! I bought this cute green composition book at Staples for $2.99. With matching washi tape, green envelopes, paper clips, colored pens and water color pencils, I was only out ten to fifteen dollars. 

I enjoy doodling and writing. Below are my first two days of 'Fauxbonichi' journaling. Enjoy a peak into my very (non)exciting world and hopefully you will be encouraged to give it a try. 

To visit the official Hobonichi Planner website, click here. Also here are a few great websites if you're interested in starting your own Hobonichi/Fauxbonichi journal. HAVE FUN Y'ALL!

Whatever you do, have fun with it!
The Domestic Curator


  1. oh that is so crafty! will have to try this one out!

  2. Very neat info! I had kind of wondered about the origins of the decorative planner!

    1. I'm so glad Jill.....I thought I was the only one that was curious about this type of journaling.

  3. Cute! ove that you get to personalize as much as you want., :)

    1. Thanks Paula. I have enjoyed 'personalizing' my journal.

  4. What a great idea! I often got bored with journaling, this keeps it fun.

    1. I too get bored Joanie. Being on bed rest has taught me to be a bit more patient and a lot more creative! Thanks for stopping by.

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