Friday, October 31

Remember when.... Halloween 2008

When your children leave home weird things happen. Some days Mr.P and I act like teenagers; giddy that we have the house all to ourselves. Some days we're so busy I forget that E is off at college. But when it comes to days like Halloween, which my children love, I really miss them. There are no costumes to make, parties to throw, or giggles and screams to listen to. So this is where I found myself today. 

When it came time for Ms.B's weekly 'bath' and grooming session, I was missing the kids. A light bulb went off and I remembered I had made little Halloween hats for my pumpkin boo bags. I just knew they would fit Ms.B perfectly. I quickly hot glued some ribbon to one of the hats, grabbed my camera and tied this little witches hat to Ms.B. Isn't she cute?

When I started missing the kids today, I began to dig through old photos of past Halloweens. In 2008, E wanted to have an old fashioned Halloween party. After she and her friends went Trick or Treating they ended up at our house. I had a big pot of Creamy Corn and Bacon Chowder ready and waiting for them, along with all sorts of snacks. They made s'mores in the backyard and even bobbed for apples! After a few scares from Mr.P, they headed down the street to TP a friend's house. A few scary movies later, E and her friends were up ALL night! Mr.P and I also had friends overwe had a houseful of Halloween goersit was great fun!

Jared, along with Amy—his future wifestarted the fire for the girls.
Visiting, laughing, roasting marshmallows!
FIRE! This is an 8th grade E!
Mr.P loves his marshmallows black. I do too!
E finally got an apple!
I couldn't find the girls, and it was quiet—sometimes not a good thing
I found them talking in my bathroom.
Mr.P decided to scare them by scratching on the bathroom window—they ran out of there fast!
Wearing masks to TP the neighbor's house—the popular boy at school!
They used my good Charmin! That wasn't cheap my friends!
So surreal—Callie is now married!
 I miss their laughter in the house. But children grow up and move on, and that is how it should be. So for the time being I will enjoy my time alone with Mr.P and the fat cat and dream of grandbabies!



  1. Oh that looks like a GREAT time! I sort of miss the holiday traditions from when my older kids were younger. But I like making new ones with my toddler, and they're a little less stressful since she's two with no expectations.

    1. Jill - I miss my kids being younger as well. I enjoy 'calm' in the house but but sometimes chaos can be fun! We enjoy our traditions as well and are having to adjust them slightly now that our kids are grown and out on their own.

  2. Ooops! And I meant to say that's great about the hat! One of my cats would be having fits, and the other would be in therapy. Well, I mean, that one SHOULD be in therapy anyway...but the hat would drive him over the edge for certain!

    1. Gotta love cats! They definitely have personalities all their own!

  3. 2008 doesn't seem that far away...until you pull out pictures!

    1. So true Melissa! They look like babies to me. They are all now young ladies in college. I miss their laughter in our home! Hang tight to those two sweeties you've got in your arms - it goes quick!