Thursday, October 30

How-To Introduce A New Color Into Your Home

How bright and beautiful are all the fall leaves? It seems like overnight the colors have exploded on the trees! Equally beautiful are the furniture and accessories on display all over Dallas. And pretty soon, the Christmas season will be upon us! Can you believe the stores are already selling Christmas decorations?

Right now the color orange is trending! Whether you are looking to add a new color to your living room or wardrobe, any shade of orange will do. So how do you introduce a new color to your home?

First of all remember a little color goes a long way. You don't want to over saturate your decor. Simply add a new color in three separate areas to carry the effect. 

In case you were unaware, that's a huge design rule: odd numbers look best when you are decorating. Test this out for yourself and see if three items don't look better to your eye than two or four. 

Use patterns and solids to make sure you give your new color enough weight to create harmony in the space.

If you like to follow the trends, paint and small accent pieces are the easiest way to go. You can't purchase a new sofa every other year, but you can paint an accent wall.  Orange is an energizing color for Fall and Winter. Pick out a shade you like and ENJOY!



  1. I have coral in my kitchen and LOVE it. I've had it for 7 years and I'm not tired of it yet!

    1. I love coral Tammy! It reminds me of traveling through Spain!

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