Friday, June 27

Texas Peach Sorbet

I know that Georgia is known for it's peaches, but add Texas peaches to any old thing and perfection results!

Like everything in the Lone Star State, the bigger the peaches, the better. And the ones grown in my part of the state taste so sweet, they're like candy. With tattered roadside stands selling peaches in every form, from pie and cobbler to jelly and yogurt, if you tire of one peach treat, you can just switch to another. And seeing those perfectly plump spheres hanging on every tree branch makes you want to reach out and pluck a few. And we do.

As we find ourselves at the height of peach season here in my part of Texas, I am looking for new ways to use the peaches I bought from Cooper Farms in Fairfield. Of course, we eat the majority of them fresh, we freeze a large number for the coming fall and winter and we use the rest in everything from salsas to ice cream. So what's it going to be today? Peach Sorbet, a perfect, light and frosty treat for any hot Texan! ENJOY!

This peach sorbet is so light and refreshing any time of day. It's a wonderful way to end a summer dinner and you don't even need an ice cream maker! If you'd like to read more, and to find this recipe, meet me over at Texas Women Bloggers, where I am writing today. See ya there!

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  1. I always buy peaches by the bushel in the summer and only about half make it to their intended end...most of them get eaten by the casual passer by in the kitchen. :) Pinning this recipe!

  2. It is so yummy and easy. It would be a shame not to try it!