Thursday, June 12

An Elegant & Easy Flower Arrangement

From the bold and the beautiful, to the washed out and sun-bleached, I LOVE COLOR. Perhaps more than any other design principle. Color guides my choices and can easily dictate the overall look and feel when I'm making a floral arrangement. This asym­met­ri­cal cen­ter­piece is a beautiful arrangement that features the bulb flower Ranun­cu­lus. You can grow these lus­cious blooms in your own gar­den, buy them at most markets or pick them up from your local flower shop.


2 bunches of Ranun­cu­lus, about 20 stems of blooms. 
Try to find some large and open blooms and some smaller blooms to add vari­ety to your design.

1 large stem of Var­ie­gated Pit­tospo­rum 

3 stems of Bupleurum

6 or 7 stems of White Veronica

  • Footed water­tight con­tainer that holds 1/2 brick of wet flo­ral foam snugly
  • 1/2 brick soaked flo­ral foam
  • Flo­ral cut­ters or florist’s knife

Step 1: Place ½ brick Oasis floral foam, that has been thoroughly soaked in water, into a con­tainer that is water tight. A footed con­tainer is pretty when making an asym­met­ri­cal design. Trim the foam so that the corners are flat.

Step 2: Start­ing with the var­ie­gated Pit­tospo­rum, sep­a­rate the stems so you have two long stems and some short ones. Place into the foam as shown with a tall one shoot­ing out the left and then the next longest stem down to the right. Add the other shorter stems all around the edge of the foam. You want to cover the green foam so you can’t see it very well. Leave the mid­dle of the foam open for now.

Step 3: Add some Bupleu­rum to the design. Follow the place­ment of the Pit­tospo­rum and con­tinue to cover the foam. Reserve some Bupleu­rum to add at the end of the design.

Step 4: Now, begin placing the Ranun­cu­lus stems. Look through your col­lec­tion of stems and choose a few large bloom­ing stems to be the low, focal flow­ers. Reserve the smaller blooms for the tall parts of your design. See how the larger blooms are placed here in the mid­dle of the design and the smaller ones out to each side of the design?

Step 5: Finish off your arrangement with the filler flower, White Veronica and any left-over greenery. And voile, just like that you have a beautiful arrangement to decorate your home or to give as a gift. Much more economical than purchasing one from a florist - sorry know I love ya! 

Give flower arranging a try. It can be a very relaxing and fun hobby! ENJOY!

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  1. Thanks for this! I am very crafty but have never tried my hand at flower arrangement. We're moving into a new home on July 1st, though, and I will be ready to decorate! I've pinned your instructions to refer to then. :)

  2. I am a huge advocate of making your own arrangements. You can save so much money and it's very relaxing!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by The Creative Exchange Link Party!

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