Tuesday, June 10

Father's Day Was Easy When I Was - 5!

I really do believe that Father's Day is simply easier if you're 5, instead of 55. A 5 year old child can capture their handprints in plaster of paris that any Father would cherish. If you do that when you're 55, you just look nuts. So what's a daughter, or son, to do for the man who has everything?

On Sunday, June 15th, we celebrate the men who raised us, shaped us, and provided for us. Finding the perfect gift for your Dad can be challenging, but it’s definitely worth it to make his day extra special. Take a little time to ponder your father’s likes and dislikes. Here are some tips to help you get started this Father’s Day.

Is your Father a......

Gadget Guru

If this is your father, consider finding an accessory for gadgets he already has, like a jacket that will hold ALL of his gadgets....this is SO my husband! Gadget gurus also love incredibly creative items, so if you spot a unique gadget with a practical purchase, consider it a potential gift!

Tech Junkie
Men who love technology prefer purchasing their own devices based on their own specifications, so it’s probably best you don’t buy him the latest iPhone or tablet. Instead, consider purchasing accessories for technology that your father already uses. For instance, if he uses a tablet for work, a new case, charger, or mobile battery pack might come in handy! I love this Swiss army knife/zip drive!

Some fathers are natural handymen that enjoy home improvement projects. Remember, no tool kit is ever complete, so there are always more tools and practical gadgets available. Or maybe a tool belt to keep all of his tools within easy reach.

Sports Enthusiast 
If your father has a favorite sports team, then sports memorabilia is an excellent option for a father’s day gift. From team cups for drinking on game day to t-shirts, there’s a plethora of options for the sports enthusiast. If he’s a golf nut, Father’s Day is a perfect time to spoil him as well. Buy him a round of golf or tickets to his favorite sporting event.

Even if your dad isn’t a professional chef, chances are he enjoys cooking meals for the family. Fathers who enjoy cooking will appreciate new items for the kitchen that spruce up the home and make mealtime more enjoyable. How about the gift of flavor and aroma? These clever jars are magnetic, while allowing the beautiful display of color and shapes of these fine, organic spices.

Whatever you choose for your Father, make it a special day for him. If you can, spend time with him, talking and laughing. He deserves all the the love and respect you can give him! ENJOY!

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