Thursday, November 28

If you.......GIVE THANKS

If you have a feast spread across your dining room table today, and your friends and loved ones fill the chairs;
If you have a job that pays the bills for you and your family, and perhaps have a little left over for the extras in life;
If you can worship God on the day of your choice at the place of your choice;
If your son or daughter arrived home safely after going out with friends;
If you can share your money, time or talents with people in need;
If you have a heart that is beating, your lungs breathing, your body functioning as it was designed;
If you have had someone express their gratefulness to you for treating them kindly;
If you can vote for whomever you choose and criticize the views and actions of your leaders without fear of prison or death;
If you can set and meet your educational goals and pursue your career dreams;
If you have a ride to the grocery store, the doctor’s office, the drug store, place of worship, play and work;
If you have a mind that is sharp, free of mental shadows and constant anxieties that make it tough to continue;
If you have a home that is a haven of peace where you feel safe and loved, where family members celebrate your victories and encourage you after failure, where you can forgive and be forgiven;



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