Thursday, March 7


I have to say I find it a bit perplexing that couples, once married, don't know how, when or even why to date. Worse yet, how to be romantic. In today's age of the Internet and the 'superhighway' how can you NOT KNOW??? I mean really, just GOOGLE it, it's not brain surgery. How hard could it possibly be? We have a wealth of information right at our fingertips and somehow we still can't seem to figure out how to make our honey-bee feel abundantly special and loved.

With info at the ready, it is possible to be spontaneous with very little effort and thought. Now hold on, don't send me ugly e-mails just yet..... I will be the first to say, "I WANT Mr.P TO SPEND TIME REFLECTING ON OUR RELATIONSHIP & DREAMING UP WONDERFUL DATES THAT STILL 'WOO' ME". Just so ya know, Mr.P hates when I bring up the 'W' word....that would be wooing. In fact he hates that word all together. In today's fast paced world it may be a little impractical, and a bit selfish on my part, to expect my husband to plan exceptionally romantic dates for us. But again I say....GOOGLE IT! In under 10 minutes your honey-bee, or you for that matter, can find fun date ideas that quite frankly cost little to no money...which I happen to LOVE! So what's your excuse???? Come on. Get out there and google-up a DATE for your husband or wife, which ever the case may be. Believe me, it will be THE ABSOLUTE BEST 10 minutes you will EVER spend.

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to switch up your dating style. Toss the fuzzy wool socks and Netflix addiction and get out and about! Below are some fun date ideas sure to bring pizzazz to your romance and make you look forward to Spring.


The couple that plants together stays together? Who knows if that's true, but the sun is out and the birds are chirping so get outside and do something fun and useful. Some easy plants to start with, especially if you have limited outdoor space, are tomatoes, basil, zinnias and cosmos. It's wonderful to eat the fruits of your labor as well as cutting flowers for home arrangements, that's an added bonus. 


There are many fun and creative ways to decorate Easter eggs. Whether as a couple or with the whole family, this is a Spring activity that's sure to beat boredom and inspire some mischievous Easter-egg hunt ideas! Mr.P loves to decorate eggs.

Want to have some playful competition with your guy? Challenge him to a round of mini-golf. It's a great excuse to get outdoors and have something to laugh about when you beat him with a hole-in-one.

If you're fortunate to live close to the beach....then go man go! It may not be swimming weather yet, but you can still pack a picnic lunch, take a day trip to the beach, and stroll around enjoying the ocean breeze. Getting away from the city, or just from the craziness of your life, will feel so romantic!
On a Saturday or Sunday morning, park yourselves at an outdoor cafe for a few hours and turn off your iPhones and other distracting devices. Drink coffee, visit, read the newspaper, people watch, laugh and enjoy the moment. 

A picnic in the park is a no-brainer as far as Spring dates go. Pack a basket and head to a local park, stake out a quiet, bug-free grassy patch, and enjoy each other's company. No need to make sandwiches at home either: You can just grab some takeout from the deli and be on your way. Take along a kite and enjoy some flying time together!


A crowded baseball stadium makes for the perfect setting for a date. Even if you're not a baseball expert, your better half will leap at the opportunity to impress you with their baseball knowledge. 


Spring showers definitely bring flowers, but they also bring berries, grapes, and other fresh produce to your local market. Pick a nice Spring day to wander the stalls of your local farmer's market, buying healthy produce and simply being with the one you love.

People aren't the only ones coming out of hibernation in the spring. Make some furry new friends at the zoo. Spend some time oohing and ahhing at the cute baby animals that make their debuts during the spring months.

A romantic stroll through the winding paths of a botanical garden, marveling at the multi-hued varieties of flowers, is the ultimate Spring date. It's inexpensive, leaves ample room for conversation, and allows you to take advantage of the thawing temperatures and cool spring weather. Don't forget to take pictures together.


If you've been cooped up inside for too long, enjoy some fresh Spring air by planning a bike ride or going hiking together at a local park. Spring is also a great time for bird watching with many flocks migrating south. For the more adventurous couple, activities like white water rafting, zip lining and motorcycle riding will give you a thrill. And if you're just plain nuts, look up a nearby place to bungee jump or skydive. To each his own!

If you’re just not ready to break out of your comfort zone {that would be ME!} and want to grab a bite with your sweetie, head to breakfast rather than lunch or dinner. It's quite possibly the yummiest meal of the day. Throw on an easy pair of jeans and  T-shirt with little to no makeup. Being relaxed with no worries, not only will the food be great but the flow of conversation will be as well. If you aren’t ready to call it a day, pick up a newspaper and find something you both would enjoy doing together and extend your fun for a few more hours.

Just remember: Flowers aren't the only things to bloom during the Springtime. There's no better time than the months of March, April, and May to recharge your romance. Google it...
                                                'll be glad ya did!



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