Monday, January 7

My Struggle with the KooKoo Bird and other such nonsense!

I woke up this morning to the sweet sound of what I thought were birds chirping. In reality, as I cleared the fuzziness from my head, yawned, then stretched, I realized once again it was just that same stupid, lone rouge bird in the tree outside of our bedroom window....and again it was before 4 am.. For the fourth night in a row, this bird, whom clearly can not tell time, has woke me up and I was less than thrilled. 

The night before last I was fortunate that Mr.P was STILL awake when our neighboring bird decided it was time for our nightly serenade. He was sweet enough to go out with his trusty tennis racket and 'beat' the tree in hopes that it would  scare off said bird. AND IT WORKED. Not so lucky last night, Mr.P was already snoring when 'she' began to croon. Do I wake Mr.P? I laid there and contemplated, to wake or not to wake...this WAS the question. Mr.P GIVES ME THE STINK EYE when I wake him in the middle of the night for such foolishness....and there have been many nights in the last 26 years that I have rolled over to this sweet face.

So as I lay in the dark, thinking, twiddling my thumbs, and really just trying to buy myself some time before I wake Mr.P....I wondered about this bird. Why is she singing in the middle of the night? It's dark. Doesn't she know it's dark? It's no where near dawn and yet she's awake. What's worse, she's keeping ME awake! What gives? What could this bird's reasoning be...if a bird reasons. This is what went through my head at 4:21 am this morning. 

Maybe she's menopausal. I know what that's like, I can almost forgive her. Maybe her baby chicks are out late and she's looking for them. I thought of this because Ms.E and friend 'reasoned' that Saturday morning at 3:30 am was the perfect time to head out the door hunting for the ingredients to make banana pudding. Needless to say, I was looking for my chicks! Here they are {self-portrait} making banana pudding at 4 something in the morning! Can you reason that?

Could be she's cold and lonely. Maybe she's singing for her sweetie to come and keep her company and warm. Possibly  she's a night owl like me and does some of her best worm digging in the middle of the night. Whatever her reasoning, she was awake....singing and working on the few nerves I've got left! I finally broke down and woke Mr.P around 5 am. He was not happy, but he didn't give me the stink eye as feared. In the dark he looked more like this.....  sweet huh?

Much better.... and as any good husband would do, he went out with his trusty tennis racket and whacked the tree for his wife. Not exactly dragon slaying but hey, I'LL TAKE IT! About the time we settled in to go back to sleep, Ms.E was up and heading off to the ER for her last day before classes resumed.....and just like that our night was over. Here's hoping my lovely neighbor, the  KooKoo bird, keeps it low tonight. I caught her sunning herself this afternoon in the holly bush, not looking a bit tired. I think she's mocking me....I need a nap!


Banana pudding anyone?

FYI: A dog whistle does NOT work on birds! 
It seemed to make them chirp louder....just saying.

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