Wednesday, January 23


With much joy, Mr.P and I recently celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. I can not tell you what our decision making process was when we planned our Winter wedding, I don't remember the specifics. I have been told that on the evening of our wedding an ice storm came through North Texas. However, my only thoughts were of how perfect and lovely everything seemed to be. The smell of fresh cut flowers filled the air as I listened to the sounds of sweet laughter and spicy talk as my young girlfriends and I dressed. I knew my husband-to-be, Mr.P, was waiting for me looking particularly stunning in his single breasted satin tuxedo. I was in my own wondrous bubble, and no amount of ice was going to spoiled our magical evening. 
There is nothing more romantic and cozy than snow and tiny white lights. You can keep your hot Summer nights with all it's heat and sweating and the pitiful pastels. I'll take the chilly weather that encourages snuggling and the glow of tiny tea candles and the deep colors of wine reds, forest greens and clear sapphire blues.  The richness of Winter.



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