Monday, March 5

National Cheese Doodle Day!

   Today, March 5, 2012 is National Cheese Doodle Day! Who knew this beloved cheese flavored puffed corn snack had a day dedicated ALL to itself. You just gotta love America for all of it's quirky ideas! CHEESE DOODLES. Crunchy, salty, aggressively cheesy and neon orange colored. What's NOT to love. They turn your fingers orange and sometimes even frowns into smiles. In fact they are shaped bizarrely like smiles. Cheese Doodles were first introduced after WW II. Morrie Yohai, a Marine veteran, came home from the war a visionary. A vision for Cheese Doodles. He began making this culinary snack food from his family home in Brooklyn. Cheese Doodles were such the hit that the family had to expand it's operations and the snack food company Old London Foods was born. In the '60s Wise Foods acquired the company and they brought Cheese Doodles to the masses!

   Why the holiday? I suppose because people seem to love these puffs of cheese and that's all the reason you seem to need to celebrate. People that love these little gems don't mind the telling sign of orange stained fingers and a smudged face. Just don't rub your hands down your jeans or you will get an earful from your mother!

   Wise foods make the all important original Cheese Puffs, but does anyone remember the round cans of Planters Cheese Balls? A can of Pepsi and a can of Cheese Balls. Ahhh now that brings back a few wonderful memories. You had a can for each hand. Not to worry about sticky orange fingers, you could just turn that can of Planters upside down and let them roll on in to your mouth. Now those were the days....

   So how do you celebrate Cheese Doodle day? I would say, run on down to your corner convenience store, preferably with NO shoes...remember summertime in the '70s?...and buy yourself a bag of Doodles and chomp them on down! Eat oodles and oodles of DOODLES on National Cheese Doodle Day!! Now go turn your fingers orange.......

For fun try:

Cheddar-Dusted Popcorn

1 small bag Cheese Doodles
1 bag Microwave Butter-flavored Popcorn

2 teaspoons water

Open bag of Cheese Doodles slightly along top to let air escape. Crumple bag with Cheese Doodles inside, until contents are reduced to a fine powder. Open popcorn bag and add Cheese Doodle powder and two small spoonfuls of water while the popcorn is still warm. Close popcorn bag and shake vigorously to coat. Open.


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