Tuesday, March 20

The Dying Art of Letter Writing

 Lately I have been thinking  about the Art of Letter Writing, where did it go and when? Elizabeth and her Deb sisters took classes on the art of letter writing, focusing in on the area of sending a well worded Thank You note. Today e-mails, texts, tweets and facebook sites have transformed our world into a smaller community than the world I knew as a teenager. The Internet has connected the continents, making it vastly easier to keep in touch with friends and loved ones thousands of miles away. We have the ability to connect across many miles and do it  instantly. So I find myself asking, why would we spend extra time sending snail mail when everything is just a tap, click or button push away? 

  Do you remember the thrill of receiving a greeting card or hand written letter from a family member or close friend? An honest to goodness REAL put a stamp on it kind of letter. There's just something special about a handwritten note of any kind. Tangible, personal, visually pleasing,  precious and priceless. It's the evidence that someone took the extra time to write and send you something JUST because you are special to them. For some, I include myself, it's much more exciting getting actual mail rather than email. My opinion on this is: receiving 'real' mail is rare, and in turn, makes it more exciting.
  The world we live in is 'going green' and 'paperless'. You can now pay your bills online, keep in touch with friends, and read the newspaper...sometimes all at the same time! Our son has 3 computers and one sharp phone. They are usually running at all times feeding him a 'healthy diet' of information and communication.  
  Sadly, the computer age is killing the art of letter-writing. It is quickly fading into history. Someday people will say letter writing was what they did during the old days. I do understand and appreciate the convenience of the computer, going green and the paperless age we find ourselves in today. BUT. The letters I received 35+ years ago from my best friend, yes you read that correctly...not my BFF...but my best friend are treasures. It was so hard for us when my family moved away. My best friend and I did the only thing we could...we wrote letters constantly! There are actual tear stains on a few of her letters....you can't see that or feel someones love across the miles in an e-mail. All of the LOVE LETTERS Mr.P sent me while we were separated during college are irreplaceable and so much more meaningful than any text or tweet I've ever received or read. I can go get my shoebox full of memories and see what jewels I have from Valentine's sent in the second grade to my future husband's letters detailing his dreams, hopes and plans. I can hold them in my hand and I cherish every one of them. Our children truly are missing out on a wonderful part of life.                
  So, a hint? Or some unsolicited advice from me? Life is so much shorter than we think.....take time every now and then to send a 'thinking of you' card. Jot down a quick couple of lines to someone you love. Drive to the post office and buy a book of stamps, and pop it in the mail box. Believe me, the lucky recipient will cherish not just the card, but the effort and love behind the message itself.

I'm sure I have introduced you to Susan Branch.
I LOVE HER ARTWORK and presentation.
This particular piece is what inspired me to take a closer look at letter writing.
You can find Susan at www.susanbranch.com  Have a cup of tea, write a letter and enjoy the eye candy.


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