Wednesday, November 9


  As I stepped out onto the patio last night in my PJ's there was a definite chill in the air, a crispness that wasn't there before. Standing there under the starry sky calling for Ms. Bennet, our cat, I caught a whiff of woodsmoke and that sweet smell leaves create when they are starting to decay. Back in the house we go, Ms. Bennet and I, she goes her way...which is the garage...and I head to the bedroom. I knew the time had come for me to pull out our "winter" quilt realizing Fall had finally made it's way to North Texas!!
  Now I realize for most people this may not be an outstanding event
The velvet bench at the end of the bed is perfect for luggage.
but to us Texans that have survived the intense heat all summer it's like Christmas and our birthday all rolled into one! Yes, God has turned the air-conditioner on for us and we can once again enjoy the wide open spaces of Texas!

 A great guest bath, fully stocked.
   After savoring the moment for some time it came to me that Thanksgiving is in two short weeks and I'm on deck, I'm in charge this year. I must get busy and quick. People they are a comin' and I'm not prepared! Over the next week I will share with you my survival guide to Holidays and House Guests. First on my list is to clean. Now to be clear on this subject, I am just a tad OCD. I do like clean. I promise you though if you will start this week and clean from your ceiling fans down, the day before your guests arrive you will just have to go back and do just a slight once over. BELIEVE me this helps the hostess, that would be me in this case, to be less rattled. That taken care of let's focus on the Guest Bedroom and Bath. Just a few ideas that will help your house guests to feel more comfortable and leave your home with wonderful memories of time spent with you.

  • Make sure the guest bedroom and bath are sparkling. The day before they arrived put fresh sheets on the bed and lay towels out in the bathroom.
  • Fresh flowers are a nice touch on the night stand. No need to visit a florist, you can buy fresh flowers now at any supermarket. A nice touch to any room and believe me, they will remember this.
  • Make sure the room has a bedside lamp, an alarm clock and bottled water. Not everyone is going to like the water in your fair city. Current magazines and a book or two are also a good idea.
  • If this is a family member place old family photos in the guest room, or even a family album. This is one of my favorite things to do when we visit my parents, we usually all get a good laugh!
  • Leave extra room in the closet along with hangers. If you have a luggage rack put it out. If not an extra chair will do.
  • In the bathroom leave out a set of your fluffiest towels. If you have a white terry cloth robe you can leave it on the backside of the door. Also it's a good idea to pick up sample size items at the store. Things they may have forgotten to bring with them, a tooth brush, tooth paste, hand and face soap, ect....what ever you think they may need while staying in your home. Make sure they have extra toilet paper and kleenex.
A basket of essentials for your guest.
  While staying in your home make your guests feel comfortable. If they want to go shopping or to a movie, make sure you have a list of the closest movie theaters, specialty stores and malls. When we have guest I always try to have a little something extra special for breakfast. You can make any kind of quick bread a week ahead and freeze, pulling it out the night before to thaw. I also arrange cereals, fruits, boiled eggs, my quick bread and yogurt out on the counter in the kitchen. Make sure they know where to find the milk and juice and leave out glasses, plates, bowls, silverware and napkins. This will ensure that your guests will
 Blueberry-Lemon Muffins
feel that they can get up early if they prefer without having to wake you. 
  Hope this was helpful in some way and will ensure that you and your guest will enjoy the Holidays even more leaving you both with wonderful memories.


  1. Can I spend the night at your house? LOL

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