Monday, November 28

Closing The Door On Fall

   Over the last few days I have mulled over and over in my mind different ideas from which to choose a topic for my next post. 
 Captain Lord Mansion Inn, Maine*
I do understand that the majority of people do not care about my opinion. I also understand that the majority of people do not care about my collection of ideas. So what am I left with? My ideas and opinions are the essence of everyday Treasures, more or less.   With that being said let me take a moment to reflect on the subject of Fall before December takes us by storm. Fall is my favorite time of year, for so many reasons. I love high school football games, new books, good friends and hay rides. I love pumpkins, marching bands, scarecrows, and Homecoming Mums. I love changing leaves, crisp days, cold nights and families gathered together for Thanksgiving. I love Fall because I met the man of my dreams in Mrs. Banks Freshman Biology college course 101 in the Fall of '84. Fall holds many wonderful memories for our family. I anticipate all of the holidays and celebrations that we acknowledge throughout the year. They bring together families with much love and laughter, many stories old and new and a fantastic meal filled with unforgettable family favorites! It is so fitting that towards the end of the year we find Fall. Harvest time. A special time we have set aside to step back, reflect and be truly Thankful for a year filled with blessings. Christmas will soon be upon us. Stop and take this opportunity to thank God once again for His infinite wisdom and grace.   I hope who ever is reading this has had a delightful Fall and an even more wonderful Thanksgiving with dear family and friends. Hold them close to your hearths and hearts as we close the door on Fall in preparation for the Christmas Season and Winter to come.
  *The Captain Lord Mansion Inn located in Kennebunkport, Maine holds many wonderful Fall memories for me and my honey! 4 Star Inn...You can't go wrong here.

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  1. Fall is my favorite time as well, my daughter got married in the fall with a fall harvest theme and instead of rose petals strewn down the aisle by the flower girl it was fall leaves. She told me that the reason she wanted to marry in the fall and have that theme is because I always decorated for fall just as much as I ever did for Christmas and made a big deal out of Thanksgiving and having a season in which we remember to be thankful. I love your blog and even though I can't make most of the items because of my celiac, I might try some of them with brown rice flour and see how they turn out. Just keep posting!