Friday, September 11


Inspire yourself with something unique this fall and try out this wreath craft project using old pages from a book. You can use an older book you no longer need, paint your leafy cut outs with some fall water colors, which will keep the text visible. When completed, this understated fall decor will bring a vintage touch to your home this season.

In a world full of the latest and greatest products, supplies, kits and tools, sometimes it's nice to get back to basics- a pen, paint, paper and basic drawing skills. You would be surprised how far you can stretch all of these things!

Start by drawing leaves on book pages and using watercolors to fill the leaves with color.

Create a variety of leaves and acorns and paint them in fall colors. 
If you need to use a stencil, do so!

Cut out each of the leaves, leaving a little edge of the book page showing.

You can use an old embroidery hoop which makes a really delicate base for a lightweight wreath.

Using hot glue, glue all of the leaves and acorns to the surface of the hoop, alternating colors, shapes and direction.  And there you have it- a perfectly pretty fall wreath that you can add to any room in the house, office, classroom, practically anywhere! ENJOY!

The Domestic Curator


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