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How To Throw A Sunny Summer Picnic

Grab your family and friends and head to the backyard for a summer picnic! Picnics are the personification of summer fun with delicious food, refreshing drinks, and laid-back, warm sunshine. Turn it into a party with a few decor touches and picnic baskets for everyone! Below are my top tips for throwing a backyard summer picnic.

Keep It Cozy & Comfortable:

Grab a favorite quilt or even just a colorful piece of fabric to spread out on the lawn. I loved the bright yellow and white stripes [purchased at JoAnn's] that I incorporated throughout the picnic. Keep it consistent with 1-2 colors for a cohesive look.

Individual Picnic Baskets:

Everyone loves their own personalized picnic basket! Small baskets from craft stores are easy to find and perfect for uses throughout the year. Hit Hobby Lobby when baskets are half price!  Line the baskets with a cute napkin and add on a name tag with a cute craft pin. Your friends and family will feel oh-so-special. And don't you love the lady bug??

Tasty Picnic Fare:

Picnic food should be all about summer favorites like fresh fruits, sandwiches, and a few sweet treats. Keep mess to a minimum by placing watermelon wedges in clear plastic cups (it keeps juice from running into your picnic basket). Grapes are a tasty, clean addition, too. Lastly, dessert is a must! Try my favorite brownies or lemon bars -- perfect for picnics!

Easy Drink Accessories:

Keep drinks, cups, and other picnic accessories in a drink caddy! You can find them at craft or home stores. This yellow beauty came from Hobby Lobby - on sale! They’re also fabulous because they can easily be toted with their handle. Other items to store in the drink caddy? Paper straws, napkins, cutlery, and drink stirrers!

Take the Inside Out:

Grab a favorite bench or small end table to give your picnic party a fancy touch! You can absolutely spread out on a quilt and call it a day, but having a bench or end table is great for keeping food off the ground if those pesky ants make an appearance.

Fun Party Details:

Print off simple signs at home like “YAY” or “IT’S A PICNIC” and hot glue to wooden skewers. Add a ribbon bow and stick down in your picnic baskets for a festive touch! It’s the little things that everyone will love!

Enjoy the last months of summer with a backyard picnic! Hope these ideas inspire you to head out back with family and friends for a memorable picnic lunch or dinner!

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