Monday, December 15

Daddy's Favorite Meat Loaf

How many recipes do you have that look like this? Ripped quickly from the pages of old magazines. This is how at least 50% of my recipes appear. They are yellowed and stained from years of use and ingredients. A lot of my recipes have been yanked, clipped or torn from the pages of old periodicals. This is a scan of a meatloaf recipe I tore out of a magazine back in 1994. It is a staple here in our home. Nothing fancy and really easy to make. Just right for a cold Winter's night!

My Mother sent me a text yesterday looking for my meatloaf recipe, so I thought I'd share with everyone. If you have a meatloaf pan use it. It will keep your meatloaf from sitting in fat. If you don't have a meatloaf pan you can buy an aluminum throw-away loaf pan and poke holes in the bottom, then sit this down inside your regular loaf pan. When I take the meatloaf out of the oven to add the glaze, I drain off as much fat as I can. It helps the meatloaf brown on the sides. This is something I do but most definitely not a requirement.

Daddy's Favorite Meat Loaf
This is Mr,P's favorite comfort food meal. Meat loaf, homemade mashed potatoes and green beans. 
Seriously, do you need anything else?
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Meat Loaf
  • 1 Cup 3 Minute Brand Quick Oats
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/3 Cup Ketchup
  • 1 Package (1.1 oz.) Beefy Onion Dry Soup Mix
  • 1/2 Cup Water
  • 2 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Coarse Ground Pepper
  • 1 Cup Southern-Style Frozen Hash Brown Potatoes
  • 2 Pounds Lean Ground Beef
Topping Glaze
  • 1/2 Cup Ketchup
  • 1/4 Cup Brown Sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons Prepared Mustard
  • In medium bowl, beat eggs lightly; stir in remaining ingredients except meat. Add meat and mix well.
  • Pat mixture into 9x5x3 inch loaf pan. 
  • Bake at 350° for approximately 1 hour.
  • During last 15 minutes of cooking, mix 3 topping ingredients and pour over meat loaf.
Hopefully, someday this will be a recipe Elizabeth prepares for her family!
Enjoy all!
The Domestic Curator


  1. I have scads of recipes passed down from previous generations that are yellowed and torn - they are always the best recipes! :)

  2. I'm gonna try this. I haven't made meatloaf in forever.

  3. We don't eat a lot of beef, but I just crave it every once in awhile.

  4. I love a good meatloaf recipe and will have to give this one a try. Thank you.

    1. Joanie, I am sure your meatloaf recipe is heavenly! Is it on your website? Would love to check it out!

  5. I recently whipped up a delicious "Daddy's Favorite Meat Loaf" recipe, and it was a hit with my family! While savoring the comforting flavors, I couldn't help but picture myself wearing my prized Miami Dolphins Varsity Jacket, a perfect combo of comfort and team pride. It's all about creating memorable moments, whether it's through a classic recipe or showing off your favorite team gear.

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