Wednesday, September 24

Cracker Barrel Fall & Halloween Decor

Have you guys been in a Cracker Barrel lately? Or at all? It's been a few years since I set foot inside the Cracker Barrel that is located within 5 miles of our home. My aunt and sister invited me to lunch a few weeks back, and we headed to
Cracker Barrel. I wasn't overly excited, but seeing as how I love breakfast - at anytime of day - I figured I could find something I would enjoy. 

Let me just stop right here and say, since that visit a couple of weeks ago I have taken Mr.P back for dinner - twice! Yes my friends, it was delightful! Blueberry pancakes served with hot maple syrup. Enough said. 

Aside from the wonderful food, there is the most enchanting country store packed full of things that caught my attention. The cutest clothes for women and children, Fall and Halloween home decor, a whole wall devoted to the Yankee Candle Co., nostalgic old candy you can't find anywhere else, selective gifts, CDs and DVDs, dishes, jewelry......... and the list goes on and on. I could spend a couple of hours there easily. What really pleases me are the prices. The elaborate Halloween costumes were priced at $19.99 and marked down 25% off! You will see below what a marvelous bargain that is!

Cracker Barrel is now located in 42 states across America and is a fantastic place to stop when you are on a long road trip. It gives you the opportunity to eat some good Southern food, stretch your legs and do a bit of shopping. Each country store is unique in that they carry local cookbooks, college t-shirts and memorabilia as well as regional handmade art. I highly recommend a stop. If you never come across a Cracker Barrel they are online at - even though they do not carry as large a selection online as in the store. I hope you find this helpful and enjoy a bit of Fall shopping!



  1. Love seeing all of these pretty pretty fall things! Makes me want to run out to the stores right now and start buying decorations for my house! My husband and I just moved in to our new home so our fall decorations are kinda lacking. Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Well if we could just get the 'crisp' weather to cooperate it would be perfect! Congrats on the new house, that's exciting!

  2. Cracker Barrel has the best stuff! I love wandering around the store. I could spend more time in the store portion in the restaurant portion!

    1. Me too Helen! I bought a couple of Christmas gifts when I was there. They've got cute clothes!