Monday, September 1

Labor Day Dinner & Summer Reflections

Well it's official, Summer is over. And with it, Mr.P and I are brought back to taking care of the house and ourselves, all alone. E is gone back to school and it will be quite some time before we see her again. And I'll admit it - I'm a little misty
eyed about the thought of it all. So in Porter fashion, we had one last hurrah for the road. Dinner for just our little threesome. It was lovely. 

We enjoyed talking about all the fun we had this past summer and what was to come. Especially for E. Classes and labs, friends, professors, a road trip or two, lectures and exam results, chalk fights, late night talks, dissections in A&P, tensions and anxiety (yes!), trips to the donut shop, study sessions, dressing up for parties......I'm sure you remember college well and all of the memories you made. College days are special for everybody, they gift most of us with some unforgettable carefree memories to cherish forever. That's what I hope and pray for her - as well as a good education. There will come a day when all of these things pass away and it will be time to get down to the business of REAL LIFE. 

With reflection and excitement in our hearts we sat down to our Labor Day Dinner. You can find the links for these recipes below. I hope everyone had a truly wonderful summer and is looking forward to fall with great expectations. Hugs to you all!

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