Saturday, January 4

Words To Live By: I Choose in 2014

Anyone out there remember the 'No Excuses' jeans they sold in the late 70's early 80's? I do, and with that I am showing my age. Aside from my advancing age, I have many many faults. One of these being my very low tolerance for individuals that make unwise choices and then complain and don't understand when bad things happen to them. Now I'm not saying that bad things don't happen coincidentally, but come on folks - most of the time our bad fortune comes from the stupid choices we make. And do not be deceived - they are choices, not mistakes or accidents - especially if you keep making that same fatal 'mistake'. At some point those mistakes become choices. So I say, make 2014 the year of 'No Excuses'. Take control of your life and where it's headed. If you are unhappy where you find yourself at the beginning of this fine new year, 9.9 times out of 10 we can do something about it. God Bless you dear people and faithful readers and make 2014 the best year of your life!

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