Wednesday, January 22

The Art Of Snow Days

Much of North America is under snow, but not so in Texas and most of the South. But who says you have to have snow to enjoy a good old fashioned snow day? There's no reason why you can't take a day just for you. Here are a few ways to enjoy it:

Make a pot of soup ~ awesome Winter comfort food. Let it simmer while you sit in front of the fire, listen to your favorite music and write in your journal. Eat a hot bowl of soup and then take a nap! No one can say you're lazy on a snow day!

Get your coziest blanket, a good book and a cup of cocoa. Spend the afternoon in front of the fire reading, drinking cocoa and even doze a bit.

Why does it seem like I’ve watched some of the best movies when there's been bad weather outside? Not sure if it’s coincidence or not but it sure does seem true. Make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich, a bowl of tomato soup, grab a box of Kleenex and warm throw ~ position yourself in front of the television for an afternoon of uninterrupted movie watching.

My favorite January activity is to be a homebody, I try not to come out until the groundhog makes his appearance. Spend time indoors working on a favorite craft, putting together a puzzle, playing cards, drinking tea, if you enjoy it ~ do it!

Now we all know there’s something super special about a warm pie on a cold day. For those of you who bake, even if just barely, bake away! Bake a pie, muffins or cookies. Just don’t get distracted by other snowy day things to do while your pie is in the oven.

IF there is snow in your neck of the woods get out and be creative. You NEVER get too old to build a snowman, snow castle or even participate in a little fun snow ball fighting with your family! Be creative and have fun!

An 'aroma bath' can be a soothing retreat and a wonderful way to pass a cold afternoon. The addition of essential oils to a regular bath can enhance its ability to act as a therapeutic and sensual experience. Other benefits from an aromatherapy bath include softer skin through moisturizing, opening the pores and detoxifying your body. Turn on your favorite tunes, lay back and enjoy!

An honest to goodness old fashioned letter. Remember those? I LOVE getting snail mail and I'm sure your friends and family would enjoy opening up their mail boxes to something other than bills and junk mail. Using your prettiest paper and best pen, find a warm spot in your house where there is a soft spot to sit and write a letter. I GUARANTEE you, you will get many thanks for your effort. If you can't think of anyone to write, send a few letters to our service men and women.

Take the time to sit down at your computer, with a warm cup of coffee, and organize your photos. Flickr is a good site to organize and share your photos online with your family and friends. This is a great way to relive some good memories.

January is usually the month we start thinking about our yearly vacation. Take a day, even if it's a snow day, sit back and cruise the web for your favorite destination. Make sure to look for the best deals online, booking airfare and hotel together can be a big money saver. 

Whatever you do on your snow day, remember to enjoy. Take delight in the day, being alone or with your family and take the time to do something JUST for yourself ~ you'll be glad ya did!


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