Monday, January 14

Canopy Beds for Awe-Inspiring Sleep

A classic and beautiful canopy bed is the dream of many a young girl, as was mine. Whether sleek and streamlined, or rich and ornate, a canopy bed adds instant architecture, character and style to a bedroom. Even simple, unadorned canopy frames make a quiet and unassuming statement. 

Below are several canopied beds I think are beautifully designed and look divine to sleep in.  I love how all of the rooms transport  you to a different place or time and create an instantaneous feeling as soon as you look at it, yet all are very livable. 

Canopies and bed curtains can be gauzy and romantic...

...formally dignified...

...soft and serene...

or childlike and frilly.  

A canopied or curtained bed can take center stage in a bedroom. Be careful to choose the fabric and usage of your canopy bed carefully so that it will tastefully enhance the decor of your room instead of becoming an unattended dust collector.

No matter the style, canopies create a magical place upon which to lay your head. I can definitely see myself relaxing on any one of these like a princess! 

What’s your style preference?  Do you like the cocoon of curtains surrounding your bed or do you prefer the unencumbered look? Leave me a quick note and tell me what you think. Are you pro-canopy? Start filling your inspiration file with pictures of canopy beds that you'll be glad ya did!

This is my little canopy that Mr.P built for me. 
I don't sleep like a princess, I sleep like a queen!


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  27. Canopy beds: the best ideas for a dream bedroom
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