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Christmas pajamas, a holiday tradition I love, probably because they remind me of snuggly kiddos all clean and warm from their baths, cuddles by the fire and happy smiles as they open gifts.

However finding the perfect Christmas Eve Jammie's for your family can be a bit of a challenge especially if you are looking for a particular color, a style that works for boys and girls, in a range of sizes and reasonably priced. No one wants to spend a small fortune on PJ's, specifically during the Christmas season. Personally, I try to keep ours priced under $15-$20 a pair. Here's what I have found this year. ENJOY!

Great Places to Buy Christmas Pajamas
Links provided for each store. Roll your cursor over each store name.

Gymbo rocks because they always have several Christmas styles, their sizes run from baby to tween, and the make matching styles for boys and girls, and parents too!  Their initial prices can be high, but they usually feature PJ's as a  “Jingle Deal”....the week before Christmas they are put on sale making them much more reasonable in price. Prices run $21 – $32, but can be much less with sales.

Crazy 8
Crazy 8 is to Gymboree what Old Navy is to Gap. They have a few cute Christmas themed options that would work for boys or girls. Prices run around $18 a pair, but they are currently on sale for around $10 a pair.

Hanna Andersson
HA has lots of Christmas PJ's, and options for both boys and girls, as well as for parents too.  They are well made and priced accordingly.  HA is also one of the few places that have short-sleeved Christmas PJ's. Regular prices $38-$42 a pair, currently 30% off.

Old Navy  
The little kid sizes have cute Christmas Jammie's, but nothing in the big kid selection coordinates. Prices around $15 a pair, or 2 at $11 a pair.

Adorable baby-toddler Christmas options, up to 5T, but sadly nothing coordinating with big kid sizes. Prices around $25 a pair.

Target usually has something, but trying to navigate their website is a bit of a pain. I’ve seen cute Jammie options in the store as well as the website. Regular prices around $13-$18 a pair.

Children's Place 
A few boy options could also work for girls, but nothing specifically matching for both. What I did see was cute, well made and reasonably priced at $15 a pair.

L.L. Bean
Very limited in Christmas options. They have only one 2 piece flannel set that is very cute, but also very expensive at $40 a pair.

Lands End
Some cute options for boys or girls, but nothing coordinating for both.  Also a higher price point, around $35-$40 a pair.

The Company Store/Company Kids
TCS carries matching family pj's in a variety of styles. They are more expensive than most. Their Christmas styles sell out quickly, most styles are almost sold out as I post this.  Regular prices run $20-$49 a pair.

Pajama Gram
PG has a variety of options and has coordinating sets for the whole family, including the dog!  I’ve never ordered from them so I can’t speak to the quality.  Prices run $35-40 a pair.

Pottery Barn Kids
Cute, high quality, a few options for both boys and girls. Regular price is $42, currently on sale for $34 a pair.

Carters has some cute options boys or girls. Carter's now carries big kid sizes up to size 14! Priced from $24-28.

CWD Kids
CWD has quite a few holiday pajama options, including a few for adults. They are also quite expensive, ranging from $32-$42 a pair.

Disney Store
I’m not a big Disney person, but someone mentioned to me they are running a deal right now and are offering free personalization on Christmas PJ's.  They have a couple of cute Christmas-themed styles.  Prices seem reasonable at $16.50 – $19.50.

So… that’s what I’ve found this year, as far as pj's go.  I ended up buying Christmas Jammie's from Old Navy, taking advantage of the $10 sale price.  YAY! What other places have you looked for matching Christmas pajamas? Have you found some goodies for your family? If so, share the details with us and have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Remember to hug them tight, tell them you love them and thank the Lord for your wonderful blessings. You won't find them under your tree but in their sweet beds and in your hearts. Count yourself blessed.....Mr.P and I definitely do!


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