Tuesday, December 11

Christmas Eve Party-In-A-Box

This has to be one of the best ideas I have come across in quite some time. My kids and their sweeties will adore this little extra special gift on Christmas Eve. This all-in-one surprise in a box is easy to pull together at the last minute. If you happen to find yourself wandering your local Walmart, brain dead from the mad dash you have been on since Thanksgiving, look up and add these  items to your basket and start a new family tradition.

As the sun goes down on Christmas Eve, let your kids open this delightful gift. It's filled with an evening-full of fun, silliness and magical Christmas Cozy. It's a gift to be opened and shared making wonderful family memories. I can hardly wait!

Putting together this gift is oh so simple. 
Start out by placing a new pair of jammies in the bottom of the box...

...maybe a pair of cozy Christmas socks as well...

Next add a Christmas movie, an old favorite or something new...

...don't forget the movie munchies; popcorn, candy and something to drink...

 ...may I suggest a big mug filled with hot chocolate mix and squishy marshmallows? 
It's a great idea.  OH, Don't forget the peppermint stick!

Top it all off with a favorite Christmas book. Choose an appropriate book for each child whether it's a murder mystery, cookbook or 'The Christmas Carol'...

...and what you've got yourself here is a fantastic and quick par-TAY in a box!

If you have the time, wrap each item individually, place them all inside a larger box and wrap. 

Or if you can pull it off, stack your wrapped gifts like Harry and David's Tower of Treats. It can be Mom's Extra Special Tower of Fun. Your children will have a great time opening each little gift revealing wonderful Christmas Eve treats.

I simply can't wait! Grab yourself a box and create a new fun and memorable Christmas Eve family tradition....

...you'll be glad ya did!


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