Thursday, September 6

The Savvy Traveler: Packing On The Go

 We have a few rules we stick to when traveling. Some of them born from common sense and others learned by years of sheer stupidity. SO.....Let's talk luggage. My knowledge of packing a carry-on has come from years of traveling with TOO MUCH luggage. When we arrive at our destination I ALWAYS find without fail that I have over-packed. Not only is this a major pain to haul through an airport but now it's costing extra MONEY to check a bag when you fly. I'm not a fan of over spending....and I'm not too hip on carrying heavy objects either. 

You have to ask yourself, 'Would I rather stand here waiting on my luggage'

'Would I rather hop off the plane with my luggage, ready to go'?

SO RULE #1: Only pack what you can easily carry all by yourself AND carry it onto the plane for free. Check NOTHING! Saving money, space, time and unnecessary aggravation {you never know when the airlines might lose your luggage}, it's really the only way to travel. As Mr.P and I walk past all of those poor individuals who are waiting at the luggage carousel, I secretly take a measure of pleasure in knowing we can be two of the first out the door....or four if the kids are traveling with us. A huge misnomer some have about packing light is that you will not have the right clothes for every occasion. Not true. You can pack a standard carry on bag with 10 days worth of functional clothing and come away looking stylish ready to meet every situation with just have to know HOW to go about it. Follow these Step-by-Step instructions and you too can be a Savvy Traveler.

STEP ONE: Folded clothing takes up too much space. Instead, tightly roll everything, which also minimizes wrinkling. A standard regulation size carry-on will hold three pairs of shorts, three pairs of dress pants, one skirt, two pairs of casual pants or jeans, three nightgowns, three bathing suits, one sarong, two lightweight sweaters, four dresses, 9 casual shirts, six dress shirts, a clutch, toiletries and two pairs of shoes. You'll be wearing your third pair of shoes, as well as a third pair of jeans, a tenth shirt and a third lightweight sweater.

STEP TWO: Continue rolling your clothes and set them aside.

STEP THREE: Shoes go in first. Pack them along the edges of the bag, then begin putting in jeans and pants to form the bottom layer of clothing.

STEP FOUR: Continuing packing with lighter clothes, forming more layers, packing garments tightly.

STEP FIVE: The lightest items are last and make up the top layer of clothing.

STEP SIX: Toiletries and purse go on top. In the top mesh part of the suitcase, I place in my underwear, bras, and belts....smaller items that might get lost elsewhere. The bag closes easily, no need to sit on it, and you're ready to go!

Check it out! Here’s the same bag packed with the same items, but folded in the traditional manner. Amazing isn't it?

Don’t forget to utilize the outside pockets!

I ALWAYS ALWAYS, well since 2006, carry anything liquid, such as toiletries, in the OUTSIDE zipper pocket of my carry on. Making it convenient and quick to whip out for the security screening and quick to put away without disturbing the rest of my bag.
And there you have my 100% packed carry-on!
So what's in your bag?
Learn to carry less and you will become a more contented traveler...  
believe me on'll be glad ya did!

Happy Travels!


the Domestic Curator 

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