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Forget To Eat?? ME? NEVER! 10 Easy Meals For When You Forget To Eat!

Last night at our first high school football game of the season another mom, no names are necessary, mentioned she was really hungry because she had forgot to eat lunch. She says this happens often, her forgetting to eat, and her husband has to bring her food sometimes as a reminder. A reminder to eat. I politely nod as if I understand. But the whole time I'm nodding my mind is RACING. FAST. NON-STOP. I SIMPLY DO NOT COMPREHEND THIS CONCEPT.  AT ALL!

This was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard! Who forgets to eat? Seriously. WHO? I was working hard NOT to laugh at my friend. Thinking this would be the rude and an unkind thing to do - I instead decide to zone out thinking about Saturday morning breakfast in the P's household, what was I going to cook? Blueberry pancakes with Maple Syrup and crispy hickory smoked bacon? Yes, it sounded like a good idea to me. Oh, pardon me, what did you say? I must have missed her telling us what a huge problem this had become for her. I just wanted to scream - but instead smiled, took a deep breath and began dreaming of our Blueberry Pancakes! I wonder if she noticed my eyes glazing over. Or did she see that little bit of drool rolling slowly out of the left corner of my mouth? If that poor woman only knew what I was thinking. I don’t think I’ve forgotten to eat since, oh, let me see – NEVER
Bradley's hoodie that Elizabeth cherishes. It STILL smells like his cologne!

Eating regularly gives me the strength to get out of bed when E hops in the shower at 5:15 am. Food gives me the stamina to simultaneously get her breakfast and lunch, load the washer and dig out her favorite hoodie that is in fact still IN THE DIRTY CLOTHES PILE!  "Gosh MOM! You were going to wash Bradley's hoodie? I can still smell his cologne on it, what were you thinking? You almost ruined IT!" Food gives me the en energy to drag my rear in and out of the shower and put on something other than the t-shirt I’ve worn for the past two days straight. Food gives me what patience I have left to coax my daughter into finding a pair of shoes OTHER than her old stinky Converse tennis shoes that she and her friends have 'decorated'! Standing over me, claiming she doesn't know where any of her nice shoes are, I crawl around on my hands and knees desperately looking for at least one of her new pair of shoes that she NEEDED for school and now in fact refuses to wear. With my head under her bed, she sighs and rolls her eyes, and I am thankful for that hot bowl of oatmeal I ate for breakfast.

E's artwork on her OLD Converse.

As long as I’ve eaten, I have the staying power I need to take care of my responsibilities at home. Running to the store because someone in the house needs socks, wash the clothes, cook the dinner, help with homework - as long as it's NOT math - listen to the latest high school drama scene, I HATE THE DRAMA, talk with Jared - if I can catch him, love on the fat cat, and Mr.P, do my daily 'walk through', picking up, putting away what I can and then to be informed that indeed I had bought the WRONG socks. I can keep my cool, most days, because I am a mom who “remembers to eat”. I’ve discovered that satisfied tummy = capable Mom - most of the time. Some of the time.

What to eat? That is the question.....

Even if by some earth-shattering anomaly it were to turn 2:30 pm and it had slipped my mind to eat lunch - I’m pretty sure that by simply walking through the kitchen, the pantry doors would swing open, the fridge would buzz and light up, and the fruit sitting on the counter would roll off and land at my feet.

This dude is hard-core! He sits out in the wilderness
and drinks his own urine! UH....NO THANKS! I think I'll pass on that.

You've seen those reality shows where people are lost in the woods trying to survive and live off of three drops of water collected on a leaf....and by Day Three you begin to par-TAY because finally you are going to get a good meal of roast skunk? Nope, not me, you've got the wrong girl! I. WOULD. DIE. Literally DIE before they ever got the film out of the camera and back to the studio. I'm a gal who loves to NOT ONLY COOK BUT EAT AS WELL!!
Forget to eat? Me?! NEVER!
IF YOU FORGET TO are a few quick ideas to fill your tummy and NOT one of them has to do with roasted skunk or drinking your own urine!

Grilled Sandwich

Scrambled Eggs


Canned Soup

Pasta, any kind

Microwave Nachos

Baked Potato, cooked quick in the microwave

Toast, Jam and Milk


Hot Oatmeal

Your possibilities are really endless, eat something soothing, comforting and warm if you can. 'IF' you do forget to eat, your working capabilities will be slightly off, your attention span gone and you will become extremely tired. Get something quick and wonderful to'll be glad ya did!


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